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Euro Tips and Tricks

Updated on October 20, 2017

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here you will find tips and tricks for getting around Europe sprinkled in with some funny stories. All photos in this blog were taken by me. Safe Travels!

Air Travel

Packing and Preparing 101

Passport I will not be including this in the list because it is a necessity when travelling. Don't forget your camera as well!

1. Toiletries You will need travel size everything for ANY liquids...yes including those smelly good lotions, sunscreens, etc. Total volume will not exceed 100ml or 3.4 ounces. All liquids need to be put in a 1 quart size bag (aka sandwhich bag) *Small size perfume that is below 100ml is ok to bring.

2. Clothes/Shoes/Purses Research weather BEFORE you go that way you pack for the season. When I traveled to Greece in October it was still hot. Don't forget underwear and pajamas! (I forgot pj's once and had to borrow my bf's shirt the whole trip to Greece) You will be doing a lot of walking...comfortable shoes are vital, don't just pack the fancy ones. For women: bring small purses because all over Europe you will find a lot of pickpocketing. Avoid backpacks and shoulder bags. Cross-body purses are my go to. Make sure to keep an eye on your items at all times.

3. Pack light 99.9% of the time when you come back from a trip you have waaaaaay more items then when you first left. Sacrifice those cute boots for possible souvenirs.

4. Culture Learn about the country you are visiting including what language they speak in ahead of time. Learn words and phrases like toilet or do you speak English? in their native tongue. That has saved us multiple times.

5. Currency, Currency, Currency Research what currency the country you are traveling to uses. I would recommend using a money exchange at the airport and ATM's at the airport. For the most part Europe uses Euro, but not all do. Places like Switzerland (Use Swiss Francs) and Gibraltar (Use Pound) located in South Spain doesn't

6. Budget When travelling a lot of budgeting must happen. Euro is worth more than the USD. Don't be surprised when an item that costs 20 Euro becomes almost $30 in your bank account! Not only in Europe, but also anywhere in the United Kingdom they use Pound, which is worth more than Euro. Make sure to budget especially in areas like London and Scotland that use the Pound. In Scotland we purchased foods from the local market to save money instead of eating out everyday.

7. Getting Around Plan on finding the best way to get around. Will you be using train, metro, bus, taxi, rental car or walking to get around? While walking is the cheapest option it is the most expensive on your feet. During a 2 day trip to Paris we walked around everywhere and my poor little feet were hurting for a week. When we travel we use our GPS when driving (named Idiota) to get around and Google maps to get around when walking. (It has made us walk more than we need to plenty of times)

8. Entertainment/Charging electronics Not just for the plane trip. You never know when you will be waiting. Bring electronics to pass the time and also bring their designated charging cables. I love to bring a good power bank to charge my phone and Ipod Touch. Bring a good book even if you don't read you never know if you'll get stuck in a place that has no wall outlets.

*Important: Find out what wall outlet the country you're travelling to uses and purchase an adapter or converter. Read the electric currency (Volts) on your electronic items. You can fry a game console or phone if you're not careful.

9. Itinerary While not required, having a schedule set in place helps to maximize your trip. I have gone to many places last minute and with no plan what's so ever. Those trips were fun, but most of the time we had spent time looking for things to do while also trying to get internet connection.

10. Music Playlist Fun little story behind this one and also the reason why I'm adding this to the list. During a trip to Portugal I bought a Dance hits 2017 CD at a gas station that we used for the rest of the trip. Now every time I listen to the songs on that CD I reminisce back to that fun summer trip. Moral of that story was (you don't have to buy a CD) music is a great way to a memory keepsake.

11. Relax Last, but not least don't forget to relax.Traveling can have many bumps in the road. Don't forget to take time to look around and take in all the beauty of the world.

What item is your must have during a trip?

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Nancy, France

Nancy, France (My first trip)

Great for: Sightseeing!

Fun fact: After I visited Nancy, France I contemplated moving to France. I fell in love with the luxury, delicateness and beauty Nancy offers. I wish more people knew about this gem. If you get a chance to go to France visit Nancy it will be worth it.

Metz, France

Metz, France

Great for: Shopping!

While going to Metz we found a lot of shops all near each other. The fun story here was while my boyfriend was shopping for shoes I memorized the order of the music playlist in the store. (Yes that long!) My boyfriend's shoe size is very hard to find. From the playlist I really loved a specific song and after a few weeks I finally found out what it was called. (if your curious the song was called This girl by the Kungs)

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