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Volcano Havoc! & Help for those Stranded

Updated on April 20, 2010

About a week ago I wrote a Hub on British Slangs. A lot of people read it (thanks for your response) and I’m sure it put some in the mood for a holiday in London.

Well, sadly – I would ask you not to pack your bags yet, as hell is boiling over in Iceland’s Volcano which is producing a big Ash cloud, making it dangerous for planes to fly through as all the engines would fail.

The news update every day is: “flights might leave the next day at the earliest”. People turn up at airports and then again it's “flights might leave tomorrow”. However, from the live photos shown on the News, its evident that no planes will be flying for at least another few days.

John Cleese - Monty Python and Fawlty Towers star

John Cleese (above) paid £3,300 for a Taxi from Oslo to Brussels after being stranded in Norway by the travel chaos.


It has caused so much Chaos and Disruption:

  • People can’t get home to deal with family emergencies. Some have relatives in hospital.
  • People who are returning to work after the Easter holidays, can’t get home.
  • Fresh food being flown in from other Countries is starting to go bad.
  • World Leaders cancelling trips to Poland State Funeral.
  • Concerts cancelled – but somehow Whitney Houston made it to Dublin via Ferry.
  • Delay in International mail. (International Couriers)
  • People being stranded financially. I hope banks will be sympathetic.
  • It’s costing airlines £200 Million pounds a day and some are temporarily thinking of laying off staff. Again, I am hoping the Government will Bail them out here.

Some light…

According to the Weather Forcast 18 April - Things may improve as there is a storm beginning to develop in the Atlantic. Winds will come in from the South West blowing the Ash away from Europe – allowing planes to fly again.

Also, Germany is undertaking test flights to see if they can start flying.

**Update 20 April

If you are still stranded, make your way to Calais Port, France or Santander Port, Spain. Royal Navy ships have been sent to pick up travellers to bring them back to the UK. For those coming from Asia, Africa and America. Make your way to Spain / Madrid to get on the ship. Also, hundreds of coaches are on standby to bring people from Spain.

(Arrangements made by Prime Minister, Gordon Brown)



Alternative Transport

** Eurostar

** Ferry

** P&O Ferries

Car Hire Companies:








You could get a group of 20-30 people together, that are going to the same destination. All contribute money and hire a Coach home.


Worried about Relatives?

Foreign Office have issued a Helpline:

Helpline: 44 207 008 000


Good Luck to everyone.

(18th April 2010)


Are you thinking what I'm thinking - "So Beautiful, yet so deadly!"

Beautiful Photo of another Volcano
Beautiful Photo of another Volcano


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Hi My Digest - it can be scary but the dust has settled now. Thanks for stopping.

      ** Nice to hear from you Hypnodude. As you wrote: it is strange. I'm just grateful the episode is over now.


    • hypnodude profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

      Strange how a little hit by nature can remind us of how small human beings are, even with all our technology and science. Here luckily only little ash arrived, but I can only imagine how hard it has been the hit in Iceland. Or in UK.

    • My Digest profile image

      My Digest 7 years ago

      Volcanoes eruption scares me to death. Hope people are okay.


    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      * Hi Mwatkins, it was scary. I got paranoid - then people were spreading news that there was another volcano next to it. Jeez! I wish they'd give it a rest. Thanks for your comments.

      * Cheers Philipo, I agree we need to pray. I noticed about the time of the Ash incident there was an earthquake in China. Seems, the world is spinning to an end. Regards.

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice hub. There is indeed no better time to pray than now. God will intervene Lady_E.

    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      It's good to have the info. from someone who is really there - thanks for the emergency contact info and helpful tips - Good job! The news has been scary!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Thanks Cari, your right, it's horrible not knowing anything. Hope your fine. Nice to read from you.

      ** Cheers Loveofnight - Best Wishes.

      ** Thanks Deborrah, It's reassuring to know God is in Control. Regards.

      ** lol Habee, come and visit us over here.... Best Wishes.

      ** Hi Mike, things have improved thanks to Mr Walsh British Airways Chief Exec. He's an ex-pilot and conducted test flights. It seemed the long flight ban was unnecessary. I liked what he did yesterday 20/4. He put 26 planes in the Air enroute to UK and it literally forced CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to open British Airspace early.

      Needless to say all Planes arrived safely. Regards.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      This is such a disaster, and hopefully there will be good news in the near future. We may be the dominant life form on the planet, but sometimes the planet itself is still in charge.

      Hope things improve soon.


    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      Wonderful info. Glad I'm over here!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 7 years ago

      Lady E, Very good informative well presented hub! Quite interesting to see how at any moment our plans can be interrupted. Many from all over the world visiting are impacted by this volcanic overflow happening... "Yes beautiful but deadly" Amazing! On the other hand it is so reassuring knowing that whatever happens God has complete control!

      Thank you for sharing, Much love, Peace & Blessings!

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 7 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      information, worthy of passing on......thx 4 share

    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 7 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      I've been watching this on the news - it's amazing how much havoc volcanic ash can cause. I can't imagine being stranded for so long and not knowing how much longer you will be stranded. Hope your hub is able to help some people deal with the situation.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Thanks Support Med. We are hoping the same too - that all will clear soon. Regards.

      ** Hello Susan, thanks for stopping. It's nice that the Government have stepped in and deployed Royal Navy Ships to bring travellers back. Nice to hear from you.

      ** Hi theherbivorehippi - it's definitely frustrating. I would have been in tears by now, if I was in their situation, as I don't like being away from home for too long. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

      ** Nice to have you back Dohn. We haven't heard from you for a while. I would have come to check out what was happening to you myself, but the Volcanic Ash Cloud got in the way. :) Best Wishes.

      ** Nice to hear from you Mystique. "Gaia" - "God?". I must google that word. Warmest regards to you too.

    • Mystique1957 profile image

      Mystique1957 7 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela

      It is amazing, Elena! I wonder if our race is taking a hint: Gaia is angry, and it's starting to show. In less than 4 months of 2010...There have been some serious major disasters all around the world...Get a grip, brothers and sisters! Let's stop hatred, war and greed...our planet will not take it lightly! Do not forget that Our beloved Gaia is also a living being!

      Thanks for sharing, deary!

      Warmest regards and infinite blessings,


    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Although I don't really have any place to fly to at the moment, I'm glad that we don't have this problem here in the States! I didn't realize how daunting this problem is until after having read this. Thanks Elena!

      It's great to be back...Part 26 will be ready shorty! I hope you're well ;)


    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      Such a helpful and informative hub for those that need emergency and alternative information. It must be so frustrating to be a situation so out of anyone's control. Rated up!

    • Susan Carter profile image

      Susan Carter 7 years ago

      I feel so sorry for the people that are stranded in other countries that cannot get home. They are worried about their families, their jobs, their finances, etc. That's got to be tough to deal with. Makes me pause so I can be grateful that I'm not having to deal with this issue in my life. Everyday you recognize something to be grateful for, is a good day. Thanks for being helpful to other people that may need the contact phone numbers you have listed. That was very thoughtful of you.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 7 years ago from Michigan

      Lady_E, I have been hearing about this on the news here. Definitely a problem which does not resolve itself within a few moments or hours. Hopefully all will clear soon. You have posted some good solutions and helps for those who need it. Good work!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Hi Fishtiger, Thanks for stopping. I wonder if there are any Volcanos close to America - my geography is terrible. Regards.

      ** Hello Happyher, it must have been Scary for you. Nice to read from you. Best Wishes.

      ** So I heard Billy, the last time went on for a looooong time. Scary stuff. I hope Eyjafjallajokull has calmed down now. Regards.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Hello Fgual, Eurostar put on extra services - the Channel Tunnel is running. Thank Goodness. Regards.

      ** Honestly Lorlie, it made me think deeply too. I was so worried I thought maybe the Ash would start coming down and we'd be breathing it in. Some of the Ash settled on cars in Scotland. (Deep Sigh). Nice to read from you.

      ** Hi Andromida, "smoke from 2 different regions?". That's scary. Apparently, people are worried that the volcano next to the one errupting will not go off too. (There is another volcano close to it). I hope your relatives have been in touch. Things are settling down as a lot of test flights have been carried out. Flights will resume tomorrow 20 April. Also, Royal Navy Ships have been deployed to help bring travellers home. Regards.

      ** That's true Hello Hello. Everyone was helpless. All we could do was watch it on TV and shake our heads. I'm glad things are improving. Best Wishes.

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Loved the quip that Whitney Houston made it to Dublin by ferry! Seriously though this is pretty wild and last time it erupted - nearly 200 years ago it went on and off for a year.

    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Thanks for the update on this. I remember when Mt. St. Helen's blew here in the states, I was living out there around that time and the devastation, while minimal compared to other volcano's, was still horrific.

    • fishtiger58 profile image

      fishtiger58 7 years ago from Momence, Illinois

      wow that is a huge problem I am so glad I am not over there. Great hub and useful information.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for all these information. It certainly makes you put your ears back and realize that there is a power to be reckoned with. In some way it is good that mankind can see, if they do, that they do not have the full power.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @lorlie-I heard that at the end of the day, there will be smoke from two different regions of the world-I hope this is not so :)

      Thank you lady_E, for giving this useful information,many of our relatives live in your place.Today, I got a good news-the impact of volcanic ash is coming down gradually.Hope you are well :)

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      I'm not certain that this is a sign of the end of the world, but it is certainly causes one to pause!

    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Thank you for letting us know what is going on. I'm assuming the Chunnel Train to France is running, and the ferries across the channel. At least they can get around Europe.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Hello HP Roy - it has been a threat and a costly one. Sorry, I don't know if its due to Green house gases. Regards.

      ** Hi Jai, I personally think there is a deeper meaning.

      Best Wishes.

      ** True Rossimobis, looks like we are near to the edge of the end of the World. I have been thinking about people stranded in Lagos trying to get back to the UK. I wonder what their immigration are up to. Hmmmh!

      Best Wishes.

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      I think this has to do with end time b/cos it is just getting worst everyday...Natural disasters,Militancy,Terrorism,Racism etc.Thanks Lady_E for sharing this in any case.

    • Jai Warren profile image

      Jai Warren 7 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      With all the craziness going on this year (i.e. earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions) is this nature just showing its' might or does it have deeper meaning??? Thanks Lady E.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      The hub contains very useful information. It appears that 'Iceland's Volcano' becomes a aviation threat. If it continues, it might destroy the Global communication system. Is it due to Green House gases?

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Thanks dreamreachout - I hope so too. It is worrying. Thanks for stopping. :)

      ** Very true Vladimir - Apparently, it hasn't happened for 200 years. Why now? It is very strange. We hear of Earth Quakes in other Countries, it seems for Europe it is Volcano issues. Regards.

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Thanks for good hub.

      I think those are end days of history of church, not end of the world as some believe.

    • profile image

      dreamreachout 7 years ago

      Informative hub for all concerned!! Hope it gets better soon as the weather office is predicting!! Bizarre things are happening and this is something unheard of before!! Shukria!!