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Updated on May 21, 2015

Visiting Margarita Island

One day, while I was passing by, trough Taguantar Avenue (road between La Guardia with Juan Griego in Margarita Island, Venezuela) I came across an unusual site, seemed like a typical village of the Hollywood´s western movies, it caught my attention and I decided to visit it, but was closed to the public, nevertheless, their friendly owners let me in to take some pictures. The name of this wonderful theme park is "Pueblos de Margarita".

It's a fascinating place, full of nooks and crannies, where a fitting tribute to Margarita´s gentilic, making most emphasis in their craft and their arts expressions, and traditions as well. In this site you can find some memorabilia, from old cameras to a replica of a grocery store from the early twentieth century, but not without running into the first grumpy Simon Bolivar I have ever met (a statue outside of a small chapel). I could not help feel suspicious of such physical appearance of our Liberator, obviously relating it to events of today in Venezuela, which surely he would have this kind of mood. Then I kept looking every corner, full of old junk, but with memories and stories as well. Suddenly I realized a hall dedicated to old photos from Margarita, Suddenly I was impressed and amazed by such rarity before my eyes; photos from the old port of Porlamar, ancient customs Pampatar, the Canoes missing and then, between portraits and landscapes, I found a photo in particular that struck me, was Playa El Angel. Wonder who will watch a shocking photo of a famous urbanization between Pampatar and Porlamar, it rarely wonder where are the names of the places we go, the cities where we live, corners that crossed and this is one of those cases. For example, Barquisimeto its name from an indian word, meaning: "River that brings mud" in clear reference to the Turbio River and clayey sands. Caracas also comes from the name of an herb that grew in the valley of the Guaire River at the time pre-Columbian times, and so many examples I could cite. In the case of the aforementioned residential area, many residents believe their name derives from a small little beach nearby or worse, sometimes just have no idea. Although it´s true that the name comes from the small little beach, this name derives from a natural phenomenon generated by the action of sea erosion on large boulders that are in it. Many do not understand the conclusion that I arrived, but if you look at the photo you will understand better. The shapes of photo, clearly shown a similar profile as an angel with hands together in prayer position.

Sadly responsible for sculpting this fascinating figure was also the author of their destruction: "Nature". A hurricane and subsequent swell undertook this silhouette disappearing forever. Luckily someone decided with his camera to capture a moment in this picture to share with us and to file it in our photographic memory for posterity.

taguantar, isla de margarita, venezuela:
Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

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