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Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas Review

Updated on March 24, 2011

Excalibur - Not The Worst Hotel in Las Vegas

Excalibur is one of several hotels and casinos in Las Vegas that is between 20-25 years old. It's one of those hotels that was built with money from junk bonds back in the 1980's. You know, the kind that Robert De Niro rails against at the end of Casino. It has a medieval theme, which is a little bizarre because people don't really associated that era with extravagant wealth. 

Generally classified as a 3 to 3 and a half star (out of 5) hotel, you could actually do a lot worse in Las Vegas. I've stayed next door at the Luxor, which is often recognized as a 4 star hotel, and I've got to say the Luxor does not compare. Although it's already near the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, you can get to the very bottom at Mandalay Bay via the monorail, which does not stop at the Luxor. By being closer to the middle of the strip, having quick access to Mandalay Bay, and having comparable rooms and a better casino, I declare that Excalibur is better than the Luxor, hands down.  

Room rates and more

Standard rates for a room at Excalibur range from $100 a night for the basic room to $120 for the more luxurious "wide screen" room, which features a 42" television. These rooms are alright, but compared to some of the luxury hotel rooms  in Las Vegas they might look like crap. They are also a lot cheaper, so you have to factor in how much time you will actually be staying in your hotel room. If you can save $100 a night by staying at Excalibur, that's $100 more you'll have for gaming or going out to clubs.

Although hotel critics might scoff at the lack of luxury in Excalibur's rooms, which total nearly 4,000 and are divided among two towers, the average vacationer rates the rooms above par. I've just read a bunch of different reviews for Excalibur and the only poor rating came from a lady who says her purse was stolen when she left it unattended on the monorail. I never noticed a security issue, but I guess that kind of thing can happen anywhere.

For entertainment, Excalibur has the Tournament of Kings, which is kind of like Medieval Times, if you've ever been to one of those. It's fun for the whole family. The ladies might enjoy The Thunder From Down Under, which from the signs I see everywhere I gather is a bunch of muscular guys prancing around in blue jeans and no shirts. The guys can wait for the ladies at the Octane Lounge, which has sort of a biker bar theme minus the barstool throwing. 


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  • Abecedarian profile image


    7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Excellent hub! We checked into the Circus Circus because we had our kids with us and it was so horrible there that we quickly checked out and found the Excalibur for the same price per night and it was amazing. The lobby is like a museum, the pools is great and the kids had a blast watching the jousting and eating with their hands.


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