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Excalibur Las Vegas

Updated on November 27, 2010

Excalibur Las Vegas at night

Excalibur Las Vegas at night.
Excalibur Las Vegas at night. | Source

Excalibur Las Vegas (an MGM Mirage resort) is known as a "budget property" yet has a unique charm and appeal both in its medieval theme and transformative effect on visitors. If you've seen the 1973 movie Westworld (starring Yul Brynner as a robot gunslinger) you'll know exactly what I mean by "transformative effect" if you navigate the tunnel from Luxor to Excalibur. From the lush, ancient (approximately 2500 BC) Egyptian theme richly decorated with golden statues, the pedestrian conveyor belt takes you through a tunnel where visual ads and audio announcements gradually pull you out of ancient Egypt and softly drop you into a medieval (500 AD to 1500 AD) castle... which would be a transition of 3000 to 4000 years and about 2200 miles (the distance from Cairo, Egypt to London, England), experienced in about five minutes and a quarter mile. For me, riding that conveyor belt always makes me feel as if I'm a tourist in the fictional Westworld traveling from Westworld or Roman World to Medieval World.

The indoor pedestrian conveyor belt from Luxor to Excalibur

The indoor pedestrian conveyor belt from Luxor to Excalibur.
The indoor pedestrian conveyor belt from Luxor to Excalibur.

Pedestrian conveyor belt from Las Vegas Blvd. sidewalk to the Excalibur front entrance

Pedestrian conveyor belt from Las Vegas Blvd. sidewalk to the Excalibur front entrance.
Pedestrian conveyor belt from Las Vegas Blvd. sidewalk to the Excalibur front entrance.

Excalibur's front lobby, just behind the doors shown in the above photo

Excalibur's front lobby, just behind the doors shown in the above photo.
Excalibur's front lobby, just behind the doors shown in the above photo.

Excalibur does the medieval theme very thoroughly. In addition to costumed staff, there are assorted performers offering free shows on the second level (where the buffet and carnival style midway game area is located) and there is the famous Tournament of Kings dinner show that has you seated at castle sized community dining tables being waited on by "serving wenches" while a pair of medieval knights have a jousting contest.

The Excalibur Las Vegas casino

The Excalibur Las Vegas casino.
The Excalibur Las Vegas casino.

Excalibur is a fun place with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere but will be a bit too "touristy" for some people. As one of the two Las Vegas strip resorts (Circus Circus is the other) geared towards families rather than singles, couples, and honeymooners... once the appeal of the medieval fantasy wears off, you may find yourself in kind of a Saturday morning at the discount store environment. Parents yelling at their kids, babies in strollers, stuff like that. It depends on the time of year. Summer vacation, Christmas vacation, spring break, weekends, times like these when most kids are out of school will generally be more crowded than weekdays September through May. If you're traveling with children to Las Vegas then Excalibur is a good choice. Ages five or six through maybe 11 or 12 should enjoy Excalibur the most. Teens might prefer the party atmospheres of Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood (formerly Aladdin) or Palms instead. However, anyone under age 21 is not allowed in the gaming areas of any Nevada casino except as necessary to get from one place (your hotel room) to another (restaurants, parking garage, etc.) Any lingering or stopping in the casino may result in a security guard asking you to move along.

Cocktail servers at Excalibur Las Vegas

Cocktail servers at Excalibur Las Vegas.
Cocktail servers at Excalibur Las Vegas.

Excalibur is also in a good location... close to the airport, and close to five other megaresorts. After you ride the pedestrian conveyor belt over to Luxor you can continue on to Mandalay Bay through the indoor Mandalay Place shopping mall. Head back to Excalibur and navigate the series of pedestrian bridges to New York New York, MGM Grand, and Tropicana. It's an easy and safe walk between any of these properties since you never have to deal with the automobile traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. The way taxis are zipping around like crazy, double decker "The Deuce" buses making frequent stops, and tourists in rental cars paying more attention to the scenery than the traffic... crossing Las Vegas Blvd. is a bit more dangerous than crossing busy streets in most other cities. As evidenced by the pedestrian bridges that have been built not only at this intersection (Tropicana & Las Vegas Blvd) but also at Flamingo Road and further north between Venetian and Treasure Island.


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    klaus ristau 

    7 years ago

    looks like things have changed.No they say there more things change then they stay the same.So now looks to me you have the excaliber connected to the others.So let me take a guess why.I'll have to think about it because in Issaquah we have all these roof light.I watched them being taking down in my eyes that is called a cover up.Yes right here in little issaquah,I whant to know who idea that was.there has been some talk as why ? i have to cover my base's.Wait hold the press i got to see what Regis and kelly are doing today


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