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Traditional Honduran Foods & Desserts

Updated on March 17, 2012

If, you are traveling to Honduras for the first time you are probably interested in knowing what type of food that you will be enjoying. Some of the concerns you may have about Honduran food if you have never experienced it is it good food? Is it too exotic? Is it something I will like? Let’s take some time to explore what type of wonderfully delicious food Honduras has to offer.

With a few notable exceptions there really is not that much of a difference in with the food in Honduras as here in the United States.

Breakfast in Honduras:

A typical breakfast in Honduras will usually consist of scrambled eggs, beans, and tortillas. In the bigger hotels and resorts of the area typical American breakfast are also available which often include orange juice, toast, eggs, bacon, and coffee.

Honduras Meals:

A normal meal in Honduras is usually consistent of a variety of things. These things would include beans, rice, tortillas and grilled meat usually chicken, but you will find that they use beef and fish more in certain parts of the country. On the west coast of Honduras or in the bay inlands, seafood is the most widely used cuisine. However, a trip to Honduras would not be complete without tasting a fresh catch of shrimp, lobster, or conch. The conch is a favorite among natives, the conch is pronounced “caracol” in Spanish.

In the larger cities of the country like Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro you would be hard pressed to find a variety of American restaurants sine they keep popping up. You will be able to eat at some of your favorite us restaurants like T.G.I. Friday’s pizza hut, KFC and even cinnabar.

Other Honduras meals:

Some other popular meals that are in Honduras that are must tries are

Burrittas: consist of chopped meat, refried beans, homemade cheese and avocados. These ingredients are then all rolled up into a crispy tortilla. Burrittas are sometimes mistaken for Burittos, but they are actually quite different.

Tamales: A major addition to the cuisine in Honduras is Tamales. They include vegetables or potatoes as well as chicken or pork. Beware if you buy them off the corner street vendor, sometimes the chicken bones are left in there and can easily make you choke. However, you can still get a great tamale at any of the major restaurants that are pretty authentic.

Snacks & Sides in Honduras:

Anafres: This a traditional Honduran snack usually served before the main course. It contains hot black beans and cheese dip served with corn chips.

Tostones: This is a deep crunchy plantain, this is the staple of traditional Honduran cuisine. It is also known to natives as “Platanos fritos”.

Ceviche: This is another traditional snack Honduran snack. It is made of raw fish, shrimp, or conch which is then mixed with tomatoes, onions, barley or cilantro, and is marinated in juice. It is then served with hot tortillas and chips and is something to try if your near the coastal regions.

Honduran Desserts:

Of course, now we get to the good stuff traditional Honduran desserts..

The first one is my personal favorite

Tres Leches Cake: It is just as it is named it is a cake that is made with three different types of mike. Each one that provides for an eventful flavor it includes evaporated milk, sweetened milk, and milk cream.

Arroz con Leche: This particular cake is soaked in sugar and hot milk, cinnamon and some homegrown traditional spices. It is also referred to the Honduran rice pudding. A must try for any dessert lover.

Beverages in Honduras:

Of course, what is a vacation without trying some of the local beers or liquors you might come across. Some of the popular brands of beer in Honduras are Salva Vida, Barenea, and Port Royal. However, if your really in the mood or daring you may want to seek out Giffity and Fiery Garifuna liquor.

Of course, with any visit to a foreign land always make sure you are aware of what you are eating and that no allergies are present that may make you sick. They cook their food differently, so even in “American” restaurants the food will taste different. So be prepared and most of all enjoy yourself and indulge in this wonderful Cuisine.


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  • paries profile image


    8 years ago

    wow! this really looks yummy!

  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Florida

    burritas is one of the staples of Honduran Foods many people have been eating them since the days of the Mayans. If, you ever get the chance make sure you try it iat least once.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Burritas are the utmost of honduran food. it is the typical honduran sandwich equivalent to regular n.american sandwich.

    BURRITA = 2 fresh tortillas on the bottom, on top, refried beans, scrambled egg, chorizo or carne asada or chicharrón de cerdo, white farm cheese, if possible pickled onions , if possible sour cream and topped with another 2 fresh tortillas, you eat it with your fingers, no fork no knife, this is what campesinos take along with them to the field one for breakfast around 9am and one for lunch, you cut a piece of tortilla and use that as a fork and pick up beans and egg and to the mount...mmmmmmm........a complete orgasm when you eat it. YES honduras burritas are much better than mexican burritos..................

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    9 years ago from Ohio

    I love reading about different cuisines! The burritas sound delicious. I've had Tres Leches cake and love it! :D

  • Tracy711 profile image


    11 years ago

    I just loved this hub. It's interesting to know that people in a different area eat like we do. Beans,chile,eggs,rice this is all traditional for us. And of course it wouldn't be a meal without tortillas or sopapillas. And we have a dessert with pork,raisins,spices and a syrup we make from sugar. These are called empanaditas. I will have to put the recipe on my hubs so you can try them. It's my favorite dessert of all.


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