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Unique Ways to Travel in Germany

Updated on September 3, 2016
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I had opportunities to visit or live in over one fourth of the world. I am writing about my experiences. Enjoy. Canita

Castles of the Rhein River - Germany
Castles of the Rhein River - Germany | Source

Transportation Rides of Germany

European travel can be expensive. It is especially expensive for the Europeans within their own countries. The modes of travel covered in this article is rail, bus, boat and more. Europeans want tourist money so they have created ways for foreigners to travel for less. European travel savings can be created by planning ahead. One ways to travel for less is the Eurail passes which MUST be bought in the US and about six months prior to traveling.



The Eurail Global Pass is a flexi saver pass. Eurail was created in 1959 by a consortium of thirty European railways. You purchase the pass you need according to countries you want to visit and length of time you will be visiting. There are several companies that offer the Eurail or you can still purchase them from the original company called Rail Europe at It depends on the pass you get, but some of the passes include; free or minimal bus fees, museum fees, boat fees, subway fees, and more. There may be discounts for restaurants etc.

Bus tours

The Romantic Road bus tours are another ways to see Germany. The Romantic Road Tours were first created in the 1950’s as a way to attract tourist. There are several tours by different companies. The Romantic Road tour from Mainz to the Alps offered by Europabus-Linien Romantische Strasse covered six cities. The stops on this tour are about one hour each. You can chose to stay overnight in a city, but this must be prearranged.

Romantic Road Tour Mainz to Alps
Romantic Road Tour Mainz to Alps | Source

Mainz to the Alps

  • Wurzburg - suggested sight - Baroque Rococo Chapel just outside the entrance of the Residenz.
  • Creglingen - Fingerhut museum - thimbles and sewing tools from all continents -
  • Rothenburg - Medieval Crime Museum - - if you stay overnight suggested tour is the forty minute night watchman tour.
  • Dinkelsbuhl - Haus of Geschichte - a hands on museum for children -
  • Nordlingen - Schloss Wickersham - gardens
  • Schwangau - suggest staying here overnight - Neuschwanstein (castle Disney replicated for Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella's Castle) and Hohenschwangau castles.

For more information on bus tours

Rhein river
Rhein river | Source

Boat Rides

The Romantic Rhein boat trip is another way to tour Germany. You can cruise with a major cruise line and visit cities with ports or you can get a copy of the Fahrplan 2015 and do your own planning. The boat cruises up and down the Rhein once a day. You can take a day trip, make it a week long trip or a week of daily trips by following the current plan or schedule. You can find the schedule at www.fahrplanetwurfich.

Boppard | Source

Mainz to Koln by boat

There are 26 stops made by the boat. The boat starts in Koln travels to Mainz and then back to Koln. There are different schedules for each month. The following are a few stop highlights;

  • Bonn - suggested stop - Bonn Botanic gardens for a serene scroll around the well kept gardens. More information at
  • Konigswinter - Castle Drachtenberg - 19th century castle-villa - More information at
  • Koblenz - Ride the cable car up the mountain for a bird’s eye view of the Rhein. Arrive at the top to view the Ehrenbreitstein fortress - mountain station. More information at
  • Braubach - Marksburg Castle - An original castle, with armor, smithy, dungeon and more - It has narrow steep steps and can be a lot of walking. More information at
  • Boppard - Ride the Sesselbahn or chair lift for a stunning views of Boppard. It is a twenty minute ride to the top where Gedeonsek restaurant awaits you. For more information -
  • St. Goar or Sankt Goar - visit the Burg Rheinfels - it is the largest castle overlooking the Rhein. It has a museum and restaurant. More information at
  • Rosenheim - Take a gondola ride over the vineyards to the Niederwald monument which was created to celebrate the unification of Germany in 1871. More information at
  • Wiesbaden - Biebrich - Take a tram to Neroberg, and the 1888 Nerobergbahn funicular - view all of Wiesbaden from top, you can walk or take a water-gravity propelled train ride and visit a Russian Orthodox church. More information at

See from the boat or by car

Things to watch for as you pass them on the boat are Loreley or Lorelei which means murmuring rock or lurking rock. It is on the right headed north across from St. Goar. Then watch for the rock wall of the Hostile Brothers of Liebenstein and Stermeberg close to Loreley. There is a interesting saga that goes with the wall.

Planning Tip

Please note crossing over the river after the boat has passed is hard to accomplish so plan your trips on each side not crossing over the Rhein. Always check ahead on everything, season, time and repairs can make a difference on the tour.

More modes of travel

Germany is a country of awesome food, interesting people, exotic culture and loads of history. This is a list of transportation modes available in Germany, but not an exhausted list, there are car, volksmarches, bicycle rides, and more. Make Germany a part of your next holiday outside the United States, but plan ahead.

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