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Unique Train Wonder As You Experience the Beauty of Italy

Updated on November 4, 2017
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Travel, food, and nature are some of the most interesting means to learn and be inspired. JM tries to experience the beauty of these ways.

How about hop on a train for a memorable trip in Italy? (photo of a train in Milan, Italy)
How about hop on a train for a memorable trip in Italy? (photo of a train in Milan, Italy) | Source

It is undeniably a wonderful experience to get a chance and travel Europe. There are a lot of beautiful cities to visit. Aside from the regular plane trips, a person can experience a unique taste of this continent’s railroad services. Traveling by train gives an exciting and romantic sense to the journey. This experience would also let any traveler see the striking countryside and massive landscapes.

When people think of Europe, the idea of Italy almost always comes to mind. Through the years, people have been seeing the way international trains are being improved. More and more trains are running faster and looking more stylish than ever. This adds to the grand idea of having comfortable and enjoyable train rides. There are many tours that could offer rail holidays to Italy to any individual who is up for the adventure.

See the beauty of Italy in an interesting way.
See the beauty of Italy in an interesting way. | Source
Experience the wonders of Venice
Experience the wonders of Venice | Source

Which city in Italy would you want the visit?

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Rail Holidays to Italy

Italy is a great country to have an adventure. Often called as the Bel Paese (beautiful country), it stands to hold true to that title. It is the home of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The great art and monuments that show the history of the country’s culture are seen almost everywhere. It has the great art cities, some of which are Rome, Venice, and Florence.

This country has a lot of famous tourist’s destinations as well. Having a first-hand experience of those famous cities shall leave a romantic and magical mark to any traveler’s heart. The country has the powerful attraction with its history, art, culture, and food.

Exploring this precious country by train would be the easiest and most comfortable way to appreciate the equally enchanting views. The country has a wide range of rail network which gives any visitor convenience to go to different destinations. The train experience would give passengers enough time to appreciate the perfect landscapes that surround Italy.

There are different rail holidays depending on a passenger’s preference. People could choose according to what they wish to see or to experience. There are ones that provide a tour of unique architectural masterpieces or a tour for the foodie on the road. But most of all, there is a promise of never missing the extensive scenery.

What to consider before the trip?

Learn more about Italy as much as possible. The trip would mean more if visitors are at least familiar with the country’s history and culture. Italy is located in the Southern part of Europe with its famous curved shape. The northern part of Italy’s border (west to east) connects it with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. With the country’s location, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. This attracts many tourists all year-round. These features attract many tourists and local travelers to explore ideal rail holidays.

In terms of food, people are generally familiar with the country’s cuisine. Many travelers know the classic pizza, spaghetti, and salami. But tourists should also learn that these classics vary depending on the regions, traditions, and styles in cooking. Still, the overall impression for Italian cuisine is its flavorful and colorful dishes, with pasta, polenta, and risotto rice as staple foods. Lastly, there is also little surprise to know that most of their dishes are accompanied by their famous and wonderful wines. Some of these are the white pinot Grigiot and the red Chianti.

If anyone wishes to try any rail tour, remember to choose the one which would reward the best in terms of pleasure, memory, and the value of money. Expenses on the rail holidays include (but are not limited to) all the train and other travel costs, hotel accommodation, guided tours and activities, and some provided meals.

First-time travelers should keep the schedule of their tours and important contact numbers on hand. The rail networks are fascinating and interesting to experience, but the lines could be confusing for some. Finding the correct exit gates are sometimes complicated if the traveler has never been to Italy or has never ridden an Italian train.


Fast Trains

Some travelers have the freedom to choose any train service that they wish to ride on their way to Italy. These days many consider the high-speed train as a better option for their trip.

The fast travel does not mean that passengers lose the comfort that one gets from a train trip. Newer lines have extra legroom, reclining seats, and even individual reading lights. These trains give both comfort and style. They run on efficient tracks, with highly integrated networks, which promise great reliability. Some more known fast trains are Eurostar and TGV Est. There are also AVE trains which run between Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona. Lastly, the Cisalpino is a tilting train that moves between Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. This line joins Eurostar Italia to have new high-speed lines connecting Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome.

There are Eurostar and TGV daytime trains which are cheap, fast, comfortable. This route, however, requires train transfer. From London, take the Eurostar to Paris, then get on a TGV train from Paris to Milan. From Milan, people can try to ride other lines to get around Italy. These are cheaper options compared to the luxurious lines like the Orient Express.


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