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Experience your favorite jungle for adventure America tourism

Updated on March 21, 2016

Traveling through the forest is not as simple as you think, be prepared to hear his skills and share experiences of their predecessors or below offline.

The first thing is to choose a forest to conquer and explore. Of course to be primary forest. Camping rallying place to a residential area about 15km is just the most recent. Especially where there is water, such as rivers and streams. If you go, you should first consult with the Rangers, or the locals. Having led the way as possible

Secondly, every participant must prepare good health. As climbers need endurance and stamina of legs. Many people had a muscle strain, cramping which left both trips. Fitness training should run twenty days earlier.

The preparation paraphernalia:

  1. A military-style clothing. This type of thick fabric fresheners just kept sweating helps the body does not have any type of hemp scratching forest.

  2. Floppy brimmed camouflage hat. Should not the hard hat types will cause difficulty in creeping through the bushes.

  3. Floppy camouflage hat cap useful than a lot.

  4. Bata shoe rubber soles pointed. Avoid slippery effect; Cockroach or mosquito spray 01; + 01 01 small turtle knife; 01 + 1 hammock plastic pieces (2m x 1.5m; 01 lights (battery type); several local children O Pin: work to charge the phone or do a lot of things related to lighting, 01 the raincoat; 01 large plastic bags.

  5. Average mosquito spray, flashlight brightness compact but focused.

Accessories for both groups:

  • Large machete: to cut big trees or collecting firewood; Canvas: wide enough; Ropes: Wire Forest a lot, but you should be prepared in case something happens uncertainty can be used immediately.

  • In the forest there are many types of rope, but the rope wear contingency.

Food preparation:

  • Do not bring too much flexibility of the glass. Best just rice, fish sauce, salt, oil, meat, fish (box), at its fresh, coffee. Little bowls, cups. Especially indispensable 1-2 saucepan. On the forest lack starve saucepan, only to return. Unless you know how to cook rice in a tube of ethnic stretch.

  • Canned well suited to the jungle.

  • Medicine

  • Drugs abdominal pain, fever, bandages, antiseptic, medical needle (if you know Sutures)

  • Travel health kit.

Some songs tattoo (gut) car ignition (very useful when just experienced rain forest).

  1. Say extractor

This species of blood-sucking leeches similar but on land, hiding under foliage section. When smelled slightly of us will attack silently, it is difficult to recognize. Son is not scary, but with the girls, this is a “nightmare”.

How to prevent: use mosquito travel aerosols around pants from the knees or lower.

How to stop bleeding after being bitten: torn blotter little saliva (saliva) closed the wound, the blood will hold soon.

  1. Danger from solid

Concentration, travel up Garlic mixed with water sprinkled around as a ring of Sun Wukong protect Tripitaka draw so.

Pounding or crushing garlic, mixed with water to make the bypass solid as Sun Wukong do.

If bitten should travel plaid under the guidance of medical and down the mountain immediately. Best to section 1 trail at the wound and suck out the venom.

  1. Danger of nature

Camping near rivers and streams should be careful when bathing, washing. Absolutely not stick around the top of the falls, is very easy to crash.

If it rains, whether big or small, must also move up. Because in the forest, on a sudden flood, and extremely dangerous. If it does not rain that saw natural water pass đùng opaque color, with dead leaves drift down, should also move up. Because it could signal the coming flood.

  1. Danger from humans

Forest walks are easy to travel the “comrades” loggers. You can also fall into the trap wild animals, or having explosives, electromagnets loggers in streams used to catch fish. Loggers often shack stay long day and most are dirt rolled. Should stay away from tents or their. If there are only touching the laughing, said etiquette few sentences and go. Not everyone is bad but still better precautions.

These camps do not know how that time, it’s best to stay away.

  1. Forest Lac

Very easy to get lost in the forest. Without a guide we should take the trail of people go firewood, wood. End of the trail, stop, camping, living.

If optimism is looking to rivers and water flows in the direction of the delta could also. Just from dying of thirst, just find someone to hire them leads on


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