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Explore hidden Places In Los Angeles

Updated on October 7, 2014
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California | Source

Do you want to explore the city of Los Angeles? Are you looking for an adventure which has been unseen in the previous time? Do you want to explore to new places which has been out of reach of the tourism industry? Are you interested in having fun?

The very first place in Los Angeles which we wish to talk about, is the “Adamson House” which is a colony in Malibu area of Los Angeles .The place was built in the year 1930 by the Spanish colonial revival. This colony in Malibu consists of the home and a property which was the highlight of the summer. The place is full of charming tales of love related to its inhibition by the Chumash Indians and the famed Rindge family.

The next place is the “Santa Monica Senior Recreation Center” which is a perfect place for the great hangout. This place consists of awe inducing videos which attracts the people. It is hard to explain that how beautiful the place is, you can get through the destination and shoot pictures. The place consists of all the visuals giving the details of the invention of the photography. The visuals are there on the floor, on the periscope, on the walls and everywhere else. You would be amazed to see the history of photography.

If you are interested in adventurous camping, Channel Islands National park is the venue for you. Have you ever read the book “The Island of Blue Dolphins which speaks about the beauty of a place full of blue dolphins? This place seems to be a real life inscription of the similar place. Here you can camp throughout the year. You will be carried to the islands by the public and private boats which are quite cheap. You can also avail the jet services. This would prove to be a life time experience for you, something which would remain within the catastrophe of your mind, till the time you are alive.

Try also the Los Angeles hidden Staircases. A walking and hiking guide to the hidden public stairs. The city planners have installed them a while back for pedestrian to go down the hills and reach schools, public transportation, grocery stores etc when the city of Los Angeles wasn't a city of cars.

Also try the Venice Canals near Venice beach.

All these places are very lively and makes you feel so excited that you would never want to leave this place.There are more secrets and hidden gems in Los Angeles. Here is few about Santa Barbara


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    • marcjasin profile image

      Marc 3 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks. I know there are more to discover.

    • bayarea profile image

      bayarea 3 years ago from United States

      All I ever know about LA is Hollywood. But because of your hub there's another reason to see the city. Thanks for posting!