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Explore the Beauty of Bled in Slovenia

Updated on March 13, 2013
Lake Bled
Lake Bled | Source

Bled is a popular tourist destination located in northwestern Slovenia, decked right between the Lake Bled and the Julian Alps. The town is specifically popular for Lake Bled, which is a glacial lake. The vanilla and cream pastry of Bled and the Bled Castle are some of the other well-known attractions of this town.

Lake Bled is simply the biggest attraction in this historic town. People come from different parts of the world to get married here. The lake is an ideal beauty as it features pure water, the Bled Castle on a huge rock by its shore, an island in the middle and the Triglav National Park around it. You can also enjoy skiing and hiking during the winter. You can explore the unique island in the middle of the water on a Pletna boat. Other widespread activities in the lake include fishing and scuba diving.

The small island in the middle features the beautiful St. Mary's Church, some shops and even a cafe. In addition, it gives a stunning view of the Bled Castle and the shoreline. The Bled Castle is located around 100 metres above the lake. It is the perfect place to get a spectacular view of the lake, the town and the countryside.

During your stay at Bled, you can enjoy local, European or International food at any of the several dozen restaurants. Pizzeria Rustika and Ostarija Peglez'n are the ideal breakfast spots. For your lunch, you can enjoy Slovenian and European food at Vila Mangart in Kolodvorska cesta, and dinner can be had at Gostilna Union Bled in Ljubljanska, as it offers some good food along with a comfortable atmosphere. The local cuisine would give you a tough time choosing the ideal one for your. There is the veal stew along with chive dumplings, the noodle and beef soup, the gorenjska prata and the gorenjska-like pork with apple and cabbage. They have some fine house wines in addition to having Mediterranean, international and steakhouse cuisines.

Airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana is the closest airport to Bled, even though there is a small civil airport close to Lake Bled. However, the civil airport is meant for sports fliers. Buses are available to Bled on an hourly basis. It would take you around 75 minutes to reach the town on the shores of the lake. However, if you take a train from Ljubljana, it would drop you at the Lesce-Bled station in less than an hour. However, the station is located 4 km away from Bled, and you can get a bus to cover this small distance.

When it comes to moving around Bled, you can either do it on foot, on horseback, by a pletna boat, a rowboat or a bicycle. The town is small enough for anyone to cover it on foot. It would take a little more than an hour to take a walk around the lake. A rowboat or horseback would be better options if you want to move around in a little more comfort.

Bled has something for everyone. It has glorious mountains, the serenity of the lake, and a healthy and mild climate. Hidden from its widespread popularity as a tourist destination, the town also boasts the oldest golf course in Slovenia.

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