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Explore the Beauty of the Antelope Canyons

Updated on September 3, 2017

Travelling from the Grand Canyons to Yosemite...

National parks are beautiful but something off the normal path can be wondrous and exciting as well. The Antelope Canyons near Grand Canyons are a fantastic detour for any avid travellers who want to see beauty and take breathtaking photos.

Antelope Canyons


Travel in the Sunlight

The experience is a fantastic one. Upon entry to the park, there are two tour guides that can be taken, although it is highly recommended reservations to be made online. The best times would be around 10am-11am to see the canyons on a bright day. This is because illumination of dust can be clearly seen and you can obtain photos of a "sand waterfall" effect.

The guide takes a small group through the desert to the opening of the antelope canyons where sometimes a bit of wait may be anticipated depending on the number of people entering. The trail is mostly taken in a single file fashion as stairs are steep and some cave crevices are very tight. The group then follows the guide down steep stairs right into the heart of the lower antelope canyons and throughout the visit, explains certain structures, flood zones, safety, and how to take the most fantastic photos.

Sand Waterfall Phenomena



With a curious mind, almost anyone can take a breathtaking photo of the entangles canyons. Looking forward, behind, or to the side, there's always a lovely view.

One of my biggest tips would be, if an iPhone is being used, to set the filter on Chrome. The filter captures the essence of the canyons and brings out all the details and enhances the contrast.



Asking for Help

Remember, take advantage of your tour guide. They're been walking the canyons for months, years, or whatever length of time. The point is, they know it better than you. They can help you find the best angles for photos to show off to your friends and family.

When it isn't as particularly busy, they may even be willing to take a vertical panorama of you and the canyons for a unique photo experience.


Take a Break!

So next time your in the area, make sure to add this to your itinerary. In the meantime, it can be listed under your "Bucket list travel destinations". It's worth the visit. If you have time, there's also the Horseshoe Canyon View of the Grand Canyon nearby in a small tourist town called Page.

Always remember to add some adventure in your lives and enjoy every moment of it.



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