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Exploring Bali, Indonesia

Updated on March 18, 2012

Bali is one of the last hidden gems in the world. It is one of those places that you have to believe to see. Not only does Bali provide you unparalleled views of the vast pacific oceans surrounding it. Bali is home to ecological and biodiversity that is found nowhere else in Southeast Asia. Bali is also home to people whose customs, culture, and traditions are unique all unique and inspirational all their own. Bali, Indonesia is one of many locations that tourist who are searching to be immersed in a traditional culture come to Bali.

What makes Bali, Indonesia a hidden local?

Bali is part of that chain of islands that originate in the south eastern part of the Asian peninsula. It is the furthest one on the small chain of islands. Bali, Indonesia is situated right along the pacific coast on the southeastern side of Indonesia.

For, quite awhile now Bali has been a main location for those looking to surf some of the most tumulus waters in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the geological location of Indonesian and the hidden underwater mountain ranges that dot the lower parts of this peninsula. The waves that are known to hit Indonesia’s coast can be quite large. Bali is a prime location for surfers searching for the perfect wave.

More than just surfing, attracts people to this country. This is the only country in the southeastern Asia islands that have different colored beaches all around its island. On each side of the indonesia islands, are gold, brown, black and pristine white beaches. All made from geological formations that dot the area for the last few thousand years. Some of the most pristine beaches in this region of the earth are located here. Places like Bali, Kuta, Nusa Dua and lovina are renowned for their natural beaches.

Indonesia is far more than beaches it also has some of the most distinct ecological and biodiversity anywhere in the world. It is magical to just take a small hike through the variety of fauna, flora, and see the wild life that it will take your breath away. There are many national parks that offer tours to visitors like in the Ubud monkey forest or Kintamani national reserves.

Bali, Indonesia is also rattled with an intense and diverse history all its own. Everywhere you go there are ancient temples, magnificent architecture, and other historical locations to visit and experience. So, plan to see some of the world’s oldest relic in Bali like the Tanah lot Temple, the water palace or the mother temple.

Each of these temples still remains in working condition as they were a thousand years ago. When you step onto these grounds and explore the vastness and completeness of the religious hospitality these monks provide you, it can be a life changing experience.

The local tradition of the people of Indonesia is the same, as it was a thousand years ago. Each festival is a celebration of not only accomplishments but of the values that they hold dear. The main festivals celebrated are Odala, Nypi and the Glungan festivals which have a history all their own. You will experience what it was like in the recreations of battles, food, and living as if you were truly there. When you talk to the people of Bali and other towns you notice there is a sense of happiness in their voice as they are able to celebrate life for just one more day. Bali Indonesia is truly one of the last traditional gems left to be explored


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  • Eliminate Cancer profile image

    Eliminate Cancer 5 years ago from Massachusetts

    It has been a lifelong dream of mine to go to Bali - I do hope I get there some day!!