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Exploring in a top five of the world's most beautiful Tropical Islands

Updated on June 30, 2011

Which Tropical Island?

 There is no doubt that we all dream of relaxing in a little piece of paradise and top of a lottery winners wishlist is often a tropical island of their own. In this article im going to explore with you five of what are often considered the best tropical islands to be found.  Hopefully most of them you won't have heard of and you can finish this article with a new dream location for that retirement cabana in the sun!

The tropical island of Tahiti

5. Tahiti

Nestled in the Southern pacific at the heart of the the Society Islands is the tropical island of Tahiti. Formed from a series of volcanic eruptions it is the economic, social and cultural hub of French polynesia. Its location results in little temperature variation throughout the year making a popular year round sunseekers destination. Typical to many tropical islands, Tahiti has a rich culture celebrated in dance. Often confused with the Hawaiian hula, the otea is recognised for its grass skirts and fast hip shaking routines. Tahiti has its own airport and is an 8 hour flight from Los Angeles. If lack of accessibilty is a sign of a true tropical Islands, then Tahiti deserves its place here!

This tropical island is at risk of sea level rise!

4. The Maldives

 Venture seven hundred miles south of Sri Lanka and you will be rewarded with a true tropical island legend. In fact the sheer area that the Maldives cover ensures that the privacy of your own Robinson Crusoe moment isn't hard to find. Spread over a staggering ninety six thousand square kilometres, This collection of tropical islands constitutes one of the most dispersed countries in the world. You wont need your walking boots here if you venture inland, in fact the Maldives is actually the lowest country in the world with an average height of just one and a half metres! The average temperatures can reach thirty four degrees, but you'll need to get that winning lottery ticket soon as its suspected that this tropical island could soon be the victim of sea level rises.

3. This tropical island is steeped in history

3.Fernando de Noronha

 Third on our tropical island list is the UNESCO world heritage site of Fernando de Noronha. Just two hundred and twenty miles off the coast of Brazil lie this archipelago of 21 islands. Interestingly the history of these tropical islands has directly influenced their appearance. Originally these islands were heavily wooded until it was deforested to prevent it inhabitants (prisoners of Brazil) from building rafts to escape! Essential to any tropical island is beautiful beaches and this gem doesn't disappoint; there are dozens. Today, Fernando de Noronha is a diving mecca with crystal clear waters and the intact Brazilian warship sunk in 1987.

Vanuatu. Our tropical island runner-up!

2. Vanuatu

 The relatively unknown tropical island of Vanuatu lies to the west of its more famous neighbour Fiji. Vanuatu actually consists of 82 islands spread over eight hundred miles. Whilst many of these islands are inhabited, the steep geography and lack of freshwater means that large areas are relatively unexplored and certainly considered deserted. In fact more recent geological events (earthquake activity recorded this year) has led to power and communication shortages. Yet, Vanuatu has continued to offer so much to the emboldened traveller. Fantastic beaches, awesome diving and welcoming cultural experiences make this tropical island a fantastic all round attraction.

The stunning tropical island that is Goff's Caye

1. Goff's Caye

Our number one tropical island is the beautiful Goff's Caye. This tiny piece of paradise is just over an acre of golden sand. Too small to be inhabited, this tropical island is definitely by invitation only. Located right on the edge of Belize's incredible barrier reef, This tropical island has shallow Caribbean shallows on one side and the open deep water of the Caribbean sea on the other. This isn't a resort posing as a desert island. This is the original. Persuade a local guide or water taxi to drop you off on the island and enjoy a few hours, or perhaps a night, on a true tropical island.

Want to Know about Belize and the second longest reef on the world? Why not read one of my other hubs about Belize and the stunning Great Blue Hole.

Our number one tropical island!

Chosen your tropical island yet?

I'm sure there will be many people that will disagree with this choice. There wasnt an extensive survey or winning criteria applied, just our desire to share some very special tropical islands with you the reader. If you know of some that are worthy of inclusion, please feel free to add them below. If you know a tropical island that is better than those above, we'd certainly like to go there!


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    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      dosburros, what a choice of tropical islands. Goff's Caye is really stunning. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.

    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      Hi billrobinson, glad you have enjoyed this hub. Its so cold in the UK at them moment that its nice to fantasize about warmer climes!

    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      thanks ripplemaker, that was a lovely surprise! This is probably my favourite hub so pleased to see others are enjoying it too...


    • Rosie2010 profile image

      Rosie Rose 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hiya dosburros, Wow! each and every island is amazingly beautiful. Except for Tahiti, I've never heard of the other islands but I wouldn't mind visiting them.

      Congratulations for being nominated as a Hubnugget Nominee! I wish you the best.

      My hub "Walking can be hazardous to your health" is a nominee in the health category. Please read my hub and if you like it, I'd appreciate your vote.

      Thank you in advance,


    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Now this looks like a wonderful place for a vacation! :)

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