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Exploring the Islands of the Pacific

Updated on December 27, 2013

Summer is really just a hop, skip and a jump away and most families will be packing up the kids and heading to the beach or to their favorite vacation destinations. Now's the time to pack your 2014 swimwear. But for all the grown-ups who are heading to the beach without the kids, we feel your excitement. Many vacationers are looking for a getaway that will take them somewhere not fully explored by commercial travelers. And what’s now become a popular, but not so recognized location, is the Pacific Island resorts. There are many untainted places in the indigenous islands of the Pacific to enjoy and discover.


A beautiful island located in the South Pacific is the island of Fiji. Fiji is known for it’s picturesque views and endless beaches. The resorts in Fiji offer a variety of activities and explorations to embark in on your dream vacation. It features luxury resorts, tropical rainforests, offshore diving, game fishing, waterfalls and the famous Rainbow Reef for snorkeling. With so many things to do and see, it’s important to take along your best designer swimwear to either be seen walking along the beaches or for the best support when jumping off waterfalls and offshore diving.

Cook Islands

If Fiji is a little too commercial for you, then head east to the Cook Islands. The resorts on the Cook Islands are low key with only three out of ten resorts having 50 rooms or more, and none of the rooms being taller than the coconut trees surrounding them. It also has a small beach resort feel, but with lively restaurants and bars. You can also enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery throughout the island during your relaxed holiday.

Tonga Island

Now if you’re going for something that is the even more low key and off the map, head to Tonga island. Tonga island features a couple of small beach resorts and large hotels, but with the most remote feeling. The main attraction is the sailing locations and yacht charter clubs. Between the months of July and November you can spot humpback whales and enjoy a nautical experience at the luxury resorts.


For all our travelers with an endless budget and want to get a full tourist scene of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the perfect location for your next getaway. Tahiti encompasses a variety of islands, with the most popular and well known being Bora Bora. The Tahitian islands are among the most expensive and glamorous with the famous black sand beaches and over-the-water bungalows leading into the lagoons.


If these locations are a little too exotic for the everyday traveler (or you just don’t want to be on the airplane for what feels like five days), Hawaii is a beautiful, tropical island in the Pacific ocean. Hawaii has some of the best resorts in the world, with an indigenous, cultural feel. You can even bring the kids if you want (probably not). Explore one of the many volcanoes or enjoy a luau on the beach. You can take pleasure in a nice, long vacation with all of the other American honeymooners and tourists.

The islands of the Pacific are comprised of some of the best luxury resorts in the world. While some can break your budget, others are budget friendly. With a variety of activities and explorations, there are endless activities. To fully enjoy your vacation, be sure to bring your favorite one-piece swimwear for your adventures and sight-seeing!

Which island are you most interested in seeing?

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