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Exploring the Philippines - A Guide to Different Transportation

Updated on October 23, 2012

How you can explore the Philippines?

So now you made up your mind to visit the Philippines, great! You have your list of places you want to visit when you arrive here, superb! Now the question is, how am I able to travel and visit all this places if I don’t know what are the different types of transportation in this country? That’s when I will come to the rescue! I will help you find out how to get around our country the easiest and more fun way. Yes you’ve read about my previous hub about Philippines and feature some of the places you must visit. But I also mentioned that the Philippines is an archipelago and we are composed of 7,107 islands. Here comes the good part, I will give you all type of transportation we have here in our country and give you some tips on how you will enjoy riding them or making them part of your happy and memorable journey here in the Philippines. So seat tight and enjoy reading!

Jeepney | Source

The Different Type of Transportations in the Philippines

Our country has a lot of good things to offer, our very rich culture, and beautiful places that I should say only the Philippines have it. For you to be able to roam around our country you should put in mind first the different ways of getting to the places you wanted to visit. An airplane is the first thing you should check because it’s your best way to get here fast and safe. After you landed, your adventure will start. You can travel around the country through air, water and land. You can ride through vehicles with 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels, 6 wheels, 8 wheels or more than that. Or you vehicles with no wheels at all. It’s that fun? Travelling around the Philippines and getting the experience of riding all those type of transportation.

Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines | Source

Travel through Air

When you visit our country air is the fastest and safest way to get here. Getting to the different part of country faster and easier may also needs you to ride an airplane. We have a lot of airports in our country and some of them are international so you don’t have to land in Manila and ride another place just to get to those destinations you want to visit.

International Airlines the often flies to the Philippines

· American Airlines -

· British Airways -

· Malaysia Airlines -

· Qantas Airways -

· Virgin Atlantic -

· Air France -

· Cathay Pacific Airways -

· Singapore Airlines -

· Air New Zealand -

· Emirates -

Local/Domestic Airlines the often flies around the country

· AirAsia Philippines -

· Airphil Express -

· Cebu Pacific -

· Philippine Airlines -

· South East Asian Airlines -

· Zest Airways -

Vinta in Zamboaga
Vinta in Zamboaga | Source

Travel through Water

Since we are made up thousands of islands one way of visiting different places here in our country is through water. Traveling around the country through sea is fun and closer to nature. You will have the chance to see more of the different places as you pass by going to your destination. They can range from a ship, to a ferry, to “banka”.

Tricycle | Source

Travel through Land

One of the most common ways to travel in the country is by land. We have a wide variety of land transportation here in the Philippines, from private vehicles to public mass transportation, to rural type of transportation. There are different unique ways of transporting people around our country.

If you arrived in our country and you want to travel on your own, you can always rent a car that you can use on the span of your stay. But if you want to travel and engage yourself to the different people around our country which is more fun then you may always opt to use the public mass transportation. In key cities of the Philippines cabs or taxi can be found anywhere. It’s one of the most convenient ways to go around the metro. In Metro Manila there are also trains that you can use. The MRT that passes on the entire stretch of EDSA is one of the most popular and very used trains in the metro. The LRT which is located at the Baclaran area and passes at the stretch of Taft Avenue is a good choice if you want to travel in the Manila area. The LRT2 which station is location at Recto in Manila and end at the Santolan is a good choice if you want to visit some great schools in the metro. The oldest railway transport is the PNR that travels from Manila to Bicol Region. There are also buses around the country that mainly travels from one province to the other.

One of the most popular transport vehicles in our country is the “Jeep or Jeepney” which carries between 16 -30 passengers; some of these vehicles are air-conditioned. The “jeepney” is an evolved surplus of the World War II that the Americans left behind after the war. In some areas of the country there are also mini-buses that can accommodate a smaller number of passenger compare to buses. Tricycle is a regular motorcycle with additional passenger seating. The designs may vary but are usually fairly standard within a municipality. The seating capacity of a tricycle may vary depending on the design of the sidecar. One or two additional passenger may be seated behind the driver. This kind of transportation is very popular in the rural areas or even around the metro. A kalesa can also be seen in some of the areas of the country especially in Intramuros and Vigan.


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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Kabayan, of course I'm familiar with all these options, but I never knew that there were so many ways to travel around the Philippines. It's a great idea to compile them all together to create a hub. This piece was fun to read.

    • afmolinajr profile image

      Alejandro Molina 4 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      thank you so much for that comment. I also want to have a bike but biking is not safe here in the metro. cheers!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Interesting to hear how other countries use vehicles to get around. I would love to own a scooter but they are not that safe in the traffic common to the US. I also like the tricycle you pictured here.