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Expo 2010 Shanghai

Updated on June 13, 2010

Visit to World Expo in Shanghai

I'd caught a bus from Shaoxing to Shanghai on the previous night (June 7th) planning to go to World Expo with two other Aussie English teachers.

We set off - pleased that the skies were blue (despite a bit of low level pollution) and the weather was cooler and quite pleasant.  Rain was forecast for the following day, but "our" day was to be fine - and it was!!  Perfect!

My Shanghai host (ess) had found a new station, so we went directly to Expo, to thePuxi side, by train, and found it was less crowded.  The queues were short and we were soon inside the great Expo site.

I had been a regular visitor at World Expo 1988 in my home city of Brisbane, and loved it - and I was keen to see this one.  And I was not disappointed.  It was huge, clean, something new at almost every step.  I took over 300 photos - and some are here for you to see.

Accomodtion in Shanghai is at a premium, and even those with good financial resources are finding it difficult to source a bed or two for the night.  Luckily I have a friend!!!

The site was clean, fascinating, and oh so much pain for the feet and legs, but we managed to stay for about 10 hours.  We visited the Australian Pavilion (I'll write about that in another Hub) and some smaller pavilions.  Even on a Tuesday the queues were up to four hours - and we didn't have that much time or energy.  We did see some smaller pavilions (Brunei, San Marino etc.), and we saw the street parade, and the inside of several restaurants.

Would I go again?  Certainly.  Will I go again?  Time permitting - yes.

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