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Extended Stay Hotels | Offering you Great Value for your Stay

Updated on September 28, 2010

Are you searching for a hassle-free vacation that can save you cash? If so, you should look at some Extended Stay Hotels. These not only take the tiresome planning from your getaway but you can also discover them to become more affordable than doing everything on your own.

Travel brokers will be a great resource for one stop shopping. They have all the tools to get you a cheap vacation and some of them have personal exposure to them and bundles they present. On top of that, they know all the nuances of the getaway so they can advise sightseeing itineraries along with other activities of interest.

These hotels offer a wonderful value if you are searching for a central place to sleep while you are doing day time trips in the region. I’ve spent up to 8 nights here throughout the spring training clients. The extended stay hotel’s Daily room service is a preference that costs additional. The rooms were quite clean. The kitchen had enough utensils for creating meals and eating in the room. The pillows on the bed were smaller. I did not request extra pillows; I purchased a pillow at Wal-Mart for around $5. It took some time to find the proper setting on the air conditioning equipment. It functioned fine after we found the correct setting. The front desk was friendly and helpful. They actually printed out our boarding passes once we checked out. The wi-fi was free, but painfully sluggish. If I needed access to the internet for training, I could not have stayed here. There was road construction in front of the hotel during our stay. In spite of that, there was hardly any noise in the room. The room telephone also has unlimited free service to the US & Canada. I'd personally definitely stay in an extended stay hotel

Arranging specifically on hotel web sites –The Immediate Availability of Rooms for You

A growing amount of hotel chains, specially the larger ones, are generally allowing for visitors to book specifically on their web sites that are fitted with attached booking engines, thus marketing their suites, facilities and services instantly to the customer a.k.a. you. There is also the opportunity for the hotel to combine its business identity and design into the style and design of its website to generate a more robust internet presence, impress new guests and reinforce customer loyalty, which can't be completed if they are just one of many hotels featured on an online travel agents’ website.

The main advantages of reserving directly with these web sites are permitting the hotel to implement its full cancellation policy, not requiring guests (you again) to place a deposit in most cases and not imposing an additional booking charge which might be incurred by online travel agencies. Essentially it saves on any up front costs that would be passed onto you

Tips and recommendation for considering to book hotels on-line

Well Just one really, but an important one..

The widespread growth of hotel internet booking sites can easily present a challenging choice if you are looking for a starting place to make your own web based reservations. There are numerous such sites available however, you need to look for one that provides reliable and accurate information, is easy to use and has a protected online payment system, essential attributes that not each and every one booking internet site may provide.


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