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Extended Stay Hotels in Vancouver

Updated on May 14, 2010

Extended Stay Hotels Vancouver

If you are planning to visit Vancouver for a period of longer than about a week you are probably going to want to consider alternatives to a standard hotel. Extended stay hotels are one of the best options for longer term accommodation. Vancouver extended stay hotels are far less expensive than spending several weeks in a regular hotel, in addition they are much more comfortable.

The biggest reason that most longer term visitors to Vancouver use an extended stay hotel is price. Most Vancouver extended stay hotels have rates that are far lower than a regular hotel. Normally you can get a weekly rate that is about what you would end up paying for three nights at most hotels. There is the added benefit that most extended stay hotels in Vancouver come with cooking facilities that can save you a lot of money by not having to dine out three times a day.

There tend to be a lot more amenities at an extended stay hotel than you would find at a normal hotel and more importantly most of these amenities are aimed at the long term visitor. Most Vancouver extended stay hotels offer services things like laundry service that somebody who is visiting for and extended period is going to need. In addition they usually offer things like gyms, swimming pools and the like.

Another advantage of an extended hotel for visitors to Vancouver is that they tend to be larger than the average hotel room. In most cases they are really extended stay suites, with a separate bedroom and in a lot of cases a separate kitchen. Not only does this make the room more comfortable it feels more like home. Most extended stay suites are more like little apartments than hotel rooms.

It is normal for extended stay hotels in Vancouver to have limited maid service, this is one of the ways in which they can keep the costs down. Usually if you are staying on a weekly rate you will get maid service once a week rather than daily. This is not actually a bad thing since most people find that daily maid service can be a real intrusion on their privacy.

There are not a lot of Vancouver extended stay hotels, the large chains like La Quinta and Extended Stay America don't exist in Vancouver. However many regular hotels offer weekly rates which in effect function as an extended stay hotel in Vancouver. If you are visiting Vancouver for an extended period of time you really should consider and extended stay hotel, it really is the best option available.


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