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Friendly, Careful & Sociable: Discovering the Filipinos

Updated on July 10, 2017
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Traveling is maybe one of the most beautiful opportunities we have. When traveling I also love to review hotels, restaurants & attractions!

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People who travel a lot may have probably seen some Asian countries like the Philippines. Even people who do not travel so much may have been in touch with Filipino culture, especially if they are open-minded (so that they are willing to make friendships with all people of the world, without caring about their ethnicity) and if they have opportunity (people living in big cities may have actually more opportunities to meet with different cultures, so also the Filipino one). But how is Filipino behavior with other people? Whenever we talk about an entire country, giving general information is not always a good idea, as there are good and bad people all around the world, without taking in exam their race or ethnicity: this fact should always be remembered. Having pointed this fact, I am not going to write “All Filipinos are nice”, but taking in exam my personal experience with many of them (both talking about real friendships and many I have on my Facebook account and living in the Philippines), I will write for sure: “Many Filipinos are nice”. Being nice is only a little part of what I should say about their culture and why I like it so much.

Being Friendly

In my personal experience, whenever I meet with a Filipino guy or I get in touch with him through a social network, there is always a door open in order to become friends. Have you ever seen people on Facebook who just refuse to know other ones because “they are taken”? I have never seen such a limited a closed-minded behavior in my experience with Filipinos. Single? Taken? Happy? Sad? There’s no problem: door is always open in order to make new friends!

Being Careful

If you are going to go home after a day spent with a friend and he is not going to just say “Goodbye, see you tomorrow”, but he is also adding “Take care” (and also demonstrating in other ways he is really caring about you), let’s say: it is a great friend! That’s exactly the same thing it happens with many Filipinos. In my experience, they are really careful and if you are going to make friendship with one of them, you are probably on the way of having someone who really cares about you.

Being Hospitable

This may be especially confirmed by many people who travelled to the Philippines: being hospitable is in Filipino’s blood! A little trivial fact which may be considered in addition is related to their local languages. While English is mainly used in the everyday’s life (in order to communicate with Filipinos English is enough, even if learning just some basic expressions in their local languages may be appreciated by some of them), Tagalog is also used. In Tagalog language there are no specific words to say “Hello”: they just start with questions like “Have you had launch / dinner?”. Being careful is their way to say “Hello”, and also an opportunity for them to invite you having launch together.

Family, Friendship… Important Values Still Living Among Filipinos

Have you ever seen a guy who shouts out to their mother or lacks of respect to them? Have you ever seen ancient people who are left alone? Forget these facts by talking about Filipino culture: they have a strong sense of family, shouting out to the mother because she has not given you money for cigarettes is completely out of the way. Respecting family is one of the basis of their culture: respect, in general, is in their blood, that’s also why ancient people are very considered. Also Japan is famous when talking about consideration for ancient people: many Asian countries still share some things in common!

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