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Facts of Japan - Hotels

Updated on April 17, 2012

Hotels in Japan are growing both in number and scale. To fulfill the demand for the domestic and overseas travelers, Japan hotels have come up with very competitive prices for every client. This shift was so visible since 2000. The hotels are having a situation now that the markets for luxury accommodation are relatively lesser than the markets for other kind of accommodations.

The Lodging facilities in Japan can be broadly classified as hotels, family run guest houses, traditional inns and resort clubs. Out of the total profits in this section the hotels accounts for one third of the profits. This is because the Japanese guest houses and inns are facing a decline now. The major reasons for the growth of the western style hotels are as follows:

The major issue is the cost of land that pushes hotel price so much up. The land is scarce in Japan and so almost 70% of the hotel building cost goes to the land only. In the cities the low cost hotels and inns find it hard to survive. So they usually sell their land or become a partner in the new hotel. Another idea that flourishes in Japan is, people first find a place to build the hotel and according to the place find a concept. This is not happening anywhere in the world.

Another interesting point in the development of the hotels in Japan is that most of the residential houses are very small. They cannot accommodate the friends and relatives and guests in the house. This means hotel is the only option left for them. So hotels are always in full demand. Almost 90% of the Japanese people are regular users of hotel.

Added to these, the bad times of Japan contributed to these Western style hotels as well. After the earthquake of 1923, the newly constructed Imperial hotel stood erect and perfectly while all other places were destroyed. This turned the Japanese to look for the safety of hotels and thus the western hotels began to grow more after that.

Then the Industrial policy of Japan has contributed enormously to the hotel industry as to sustain domestic Industry, Japan grants loan to the local hotel industry at a rate of 2 to 3 percent. This is quite an encouragement for the hotel industry there.

A traditional Japanese-style tatami room.
A traditional Japanese-style tatami room.
Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s Ice Hotel, Japan
Alpha Resort-Tomamu’s Ice Hotel, Japan
The Peninsula, Tokyo.
The Peninsula, Tokyo.

The Peninsula hotel is a 5-star hotel situated in the Ginza neighbourhood of Tokyo. One of the most luxury hotel of Japan.

The hotel categories include the following:

City Hotels, Luxury hotels, location based hotels, business hotels and medium priced hotels.

The luxury hotels are high priced. City hotels are community hotels. Accommodation specific hotels are for single use only. Business hotels are also community hotels as well.

Japanese hotels comprise of mainly the western style hotels and the traditional Japanese inn styled accommodations, which are called Ryokans.

The typical Japanese styled inn is relatively small. It is operated by a family and it gets personal and quiet hospitality. The arrangements in the lodge are usually tatami-filled rooms. They are converted to bedrooms each night by using sleeping pads or futons. These Japanese inns serve many customers each night and they actually outnumber the hotels in this aspect.

The Western style hotels are a fast growing industry. These hotels are mostly independently owned and operated as well.

There is almost any kind of hotel service that one can find in Japan. Hotels that fit to the budget, hotels that help business, hotels that spell luxury and hotels that help get companionship and guides are aplenty. The hospitality is one of the best in the world and food, of course, is as varied as the sky.

Finally, there is very little formal education in hospitality or hotel industry because the Ministry of Education really does not recognize hospitality as any education or as a field of study.


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    • profile image

      Shwetia 5 years ago

      I would love to visit Ice hotel for sure i am from India and will b visiting Japan next month through Yatra travel company, just like yours i follow their blogs regularly...i love their character Joy who actually express it so perfectly about best travelling places..

      I would love to thank you for such an interesting info!

      And i must admit you are doing a great job!

      Keep blogging and visiting different places! :)

    • loonyBG profile image

      loonyBG 5 years ago

      Yesss, this plase looks awesome :) It's one interesting ryokan in Japan. It Konansou in Kawaguchiko, an onsen resort town.

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      The first photo attracted me to this Hub, it would be great to stay in a place like that!!! Staying in the Ice Hotel although quite an unusual experience does not appeal that much to me, I do not like being cold.