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Fair Oaks Farms My Adventure

Updated on July 25, 2009

Fair Oaks Farms is a lovely place to visit when you are traveling on Interstate 65 in Northwestern Indiana. I know that this place basically pops up on you out of nowhere because where the exit is the only place near the exit is Fair Oaks Farms and a gas station. That is unless you go the opposite direction off of the exit to a small town in Indiana. Now while you might not realize all that is available at Fair Oaks Farms you will want to stop here for certain because they have more to do at a reasonable price compared to some of the other stops that you can make. I know that Fair Oaks Farms is a very educational experience as well which makes it a great stop for travelers with children. Fair Oaks Farm is also conviently located to Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis, and much of Southwestern Michigan for a day trip. If you do not mind a longer drive you can even make the trip from Cincinnati to Fair Oaks Farms in one day and have a great return trip. I know that Fair Oaks Farms is one place that I always try to stop at when I am on my travels to Michigan and areas of Indiana.

Fair Oaks Farms the Tour

The Fair Oaks Farm tour is well worth the cost. I know that for me living in the countryside next to a dairy farm I already knew quite a bit about the dairy farm industry. However, at Fair Oaks Farms you will want to make sure that you take the bus tour. I know that the Fair Oaks Farms bus tour takes almost an hour, but the tour will give you more information about Fair Oaks Farms than what you realize. Not only will it give you specific information to Fair Oaks Farms, but it will also give you some great information on dairy farms in general. However, since many travelers do come to Fair Oaks Farms and stop here for day trips they do have to keep you contained in environmentally safe buses to prevent the spread of any outside disease. Which when you consider that depending on where you live these dairy cows from Fair Oaks Farms could be providing you with some of your milk that you drink you would want to ensure the safety of the animals as well.

During the Fair Oaks Farms tour you will be able to enjoy driving through one of the cow barns which allows you to see how the cows are taken care of, but the highlight for me on the Fair Oaks Farms bus tour was being able to see how they milk the dairy cows. I know that the system that Fair Oaks Farms uses is a wonder to me as to how well trained the cows are that when the carosuel is all the away around that they step out on there own. I know that for many people they will think that this is nothing major, but when you consider how many cows Fair Oaks Farms milks on a daily basis you will find it amazing as well when during the tour you find out how often the cows get milked and how long it takes to milk them all.

Fair Oaks Farms Calving Barn

One of the major features of traveling to Fair Oaks Farms is going to be the calving barn. Now I know that this portion of the tour doesn't involve getting onto one of the tour buses. So if you do not like having someone else drive you around then you do not have to worry about this with the calving barn. Now since the herd of dairy cattle at Fair Oaks Farms is so large you will almost always see a birth when you are at Fair Oaks Farms. I know that even if you have little children they will be amazed at being able to watch the life of a new baby calf coming into this world.

At Fair Oaks Farms they do have a red light system set up at the calving barn so that you will know when a calf is getting ready to be born. Which I have to say this ingenious system means that you are not going to be sitting in the calving barn for hours on end only to discover that the mother cow just went into labor. So that way you will be able to catch the birth of a calf with your children at Fair Oaks Farms without having to have your children tell you that they are bored after sitting in the calving barn for thirty minutes or so. So that will mean if you are living in a city that you will be able to tell your neighbors that you seen a calf born at Fair Oaks Farms without having to wait for hours on end. The calving barn is a must see when you stop in at Fair Oaks Farms.

Fair Oaks Farms For the Kids

Now I know that many parents are saying well these are all great things to see while at Fair Oaks Farms, but what is supposed to keep my kids occupied while we are waiting for our tour, or for a calf to be born. Well that is a great question to ask and to help out with that problem Fair Oaks Farms made a massive child playing area. Now I know that my kids really enjoy the jumping pillow that even adults can go jumping on. If a jumping pillow doesn't float the boat for your children then Fair Oaks Farms has other options for them to utilize. Including a maze getting to a tower that they can climb up. I know that for my kids the maze wasn't really that interesting and they were short enough that they just ran under the mazes ropes that were supposed to guide the children around. So if your children do go onto the maze and you want to make it interesting you will want to make sure that you do go with them on the Fair Oaks Farms maze.

If they tire out of the maze then depending on the size of your children they have a small electric train that can take your children on a small train ride or they have some small tractors that they can drive around. Which is quite humorous depending on the age of the children that are driving the tractors. I know that these alternative entertainment ideas at Fair Oaks Farms for children can keep them entertained for hours on end. Which is really nice for the younger children. If your children are old enough and the milk jug is open it is a rock climbing wall in the shape of a milk jug. Which is very funny watching some of the teenagers climb up the rock wall. You can really well when some siblings are climbing the wall at the same time because of the rivalry that exists between sibilings comes out and you can see them trying to reach the top first.

Fair Oaks Farms Share Your Adventures

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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 5 years ago from Ohio

      Julia, if I remember right it was not long. They usually let the mother clean the baby and then they took the baby to keep it from drinking the mothers milk.

    • profile image

      Julia 5 years ago

      How soon after the calves are born are they taken

      from their Mother's?