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The Fall Creek Falls State Park In Tennessee

Updated on June 14, 2016

The Most Visited And A Highly Popular Tennessee State Park

What The Fall Creek Falls State Park Offers Park Visitors

The massive Fall Creek Falls State Park is nestled in atop of the eastern portion of the rugged Cumberland Plateau in the great state of Tennessee. Basically the state park spans across twenty-six thousand very rugged acres and can be easily accessed from the Tennessee State Highway 111. The Fall Creek Falls State Park exhibits many beautiful cascades, very deep gorges, many breathtaking waterfalls, numerous flowing streams, a large fishing lake, and a great abundance of many virgin hardwood timbers. In the year of 1937 the Federal Government began purchasing much of the eroded-out badlands around the Fall Creek Falls area. The very next year the Works Project Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps started restoring all of the badly eroded-out areas around the waterfalls. The team started to erect numerous different park facilities on the few areas of the property that were fit to be built upon. In the year of 1944 the National Park Service finally completly transferred the ownership of the park property over to the State of Tennessee. Today the massive state park has a wide variety of many different things for visitors to do while visiting that include a massive campground area, beautiful rental cabins, luxurious lakeside cabins for rent, roughly fifty miles of well maintained hiking trails, many well kept outdoor pavilions, several playground areas for the smaller children, clean picnic areas, many excellent fishing areas, a zip line for fun, a beautiful hotel with many rooms, a popular buffet-style restraunt, horse back riding through the woods, and a well manicured eighteen hole golf course to offer the parks many visitors that often travel from all over the United States.

Fall Creek Falls State Park In Tennessee

10821 Park Rd. Spencer,Tennessee 37367:
10821 Park Rd, Spencer, TN 38585, USA

get directions

A highly popular Tennessee State Park located near the Cumberland Plateau.

The Massive Fall Creek Falls Lake

A Man-Made Lake With A Thriving Fish Species

The large lake located inside of the state parks property boundaries is known as the Fall Creek Falls Lake. This massive lake is a man-made lake that measures approximently three hundred forty six acres in size and is an average of two miles long in total length. Today the big lake is completely controlled by a huge dam to assure for continuous water flow to be pushed downstream torwards the beautiful Fall Creek Fall Waterfalls. The massive lake currently sprawls all across the state parks southern section of the property. Fall creek falls lake presently does not allow any type of boats with outboard motors, but the lake is always great for fishing trips. The fish in the lake are regularly restocked each year and many fish species are commonly highly abundant in the state park lake all year-round. Many different fish species thrive and currently live abundantly in the state parks lake. Several common fish species that are caught regularly from the waters of the parks lake will include the largemouth bass, many bluegill, adequate supply of catfish, large populations of the shellcracker fish, and even many large panfish.

The Beautiful Fall Creek Fall Waterfalls

The Tallest Waterfall In The Whole Eastern United States

The mighty Fall Creek Fall waterfalls are located inside of the Fall Creek Falls State Park that is located near the tiny town of Spencer, Tennessee. Currently standing at two hundred fifty six feet in total height the waterfalls are said to be the highest waterfalls in the entire eastern region of the United States. The wonderful waterfalls main water source is presently the tiny Fall Creek. A huge dam inside the man-made lake controls the water flow into the tiny Fall Creek and eventually the water flows completely downstream to create the Fall Creek Fall Waterfalls. The massive dam was set into place by man to ensure the mighty waterfalls always continue to keep flowing steadily all year-round. The mammoth waterfall naturally plunges straight downward into a plunge pool at the very bottom of the gorge and has hiking trails that go straight down to the cold plunge pool for all the brave swimmers.

A Beautiful Vista View From The Caplenor Point Overlook

A Little Piece Of Paradise For Many Park Visitors

The beautiful Caplenor Point located inside of the Fall Creek Falls State Park is every photographers and adventurers little piece of paradise. Caplenor Point is named after the late Doctor Donald Carplenor who was a local botanist. Doctor Caplenor passionately enjoyed and loved to share his exstensive knowledge about the deep gorges in the local area. His basic job duties consisted of much studying and classifying of the many various plant communities living in the states parks many deep gorges. The well known doctor was a man with great knowledge of the Cane Creek Gorge areas and passionately enjoyed sharing much interesting information with his great abundance of young students. Doctor Carplenor then suddenly died from a massive heart attack on the day of April 7, 1979. The many deep gorge areas of the state park were named in honor of the late doctor with the intentions of continuing to inspire the protection and great studies of the wilderness areas that are very similar to that of the Fall Creek Falls State Park area.

A Breathtaking View From The Millikan's Point And Buzzard Roost Overlook

The Gorgeous Area Was Named After A Doctor

The Millikan's Overlook and the Buzzards Point is a deeply inspiring vista overlook inside of the Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. Basically the deep gorge overlook area is beatifully decorated with many large hemlock trees and a great abundance of many yellow poplars in the general area. During the fall and autumn seasons a person can get a splendid view of all the tree leaves changing with there many different bright colors. Many times if a person is patient enough to wait they can surely witness many ugly looking buzzards swooping around to and fro throughout the sky just above. The breathtaking overlook vista view in this particular area of the state park is named in honor of the late Doctor Glen Millikan Vanderbilt. Doctor Glen Millikan Vanderbilt fell suddenly to his brutal death in a very risky and highly dangerous rock climbing accident in May of 1947.

The Very Rural Piney Creek Falls

A Highly Remote Waterfall But Well Worth The Harsh Trouble

Piney Creek Falls are definitely in the most highly remote and rural section in the entire state park compared too all of the other many waterfalls located inside of the park. The strong flushing waterfall measures roughly ninety-five feet in total height and is exceptionally difficult for any desperate spectator to gain easy access too for basic photography purposes. In order to reach a good viewpoint of the gushing waterfalls a person is brutally forced to hike straight downward into the deep gorge along a rough, rigid, and naturally rocky set of huge boulder stair steps. Absolutely not the appropriate waterfall to attempt to view for any person relying on a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or a walker. It definitely is a short grueling hike on the way down into the deep gorge, the difficult hike can surely be successfully conquered, and the amazing view of the gushing Piney Creek waterfall down below makes it completely worth all of the harsh trouble with gaining access.

The Official Tennessee State Park Outdoor Guide Book

A Short Video Clip Of The Beautiful Fall Creek Falls

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