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Family Christmas Vacation in the Caymans

Updated on November 25, 2009

The Cayman Islands can be an ideal location for your family Christmas vacation. The Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac offer all kinds of festivities, from beach parties to elaborate celebrations! Here are some of the many benefits of having your Christmas vacation in the Cayman Islands.

White Christmas

Tired of waiting for a white Christmas at home that never seems to happen? In the Cayman Islands, the white sand that characterizes the island’s beaches guarantees that you will have a white Christmas! One tradition on the Cayman Islands involves a “Sand Yard,” in which white sand was carried from the beaches to the yards of lodges and other gathering places during the night several days before Christmas. The sand would be piled in local yards for several days. On Christmas Eve morning, the sand would be raked into patterns which could not be disturbed or walked on until Christmas day. Footpaths lined with conch shells would often accompany these sand yards. In the Cayman Islands today, many owners of lodges and older houses still practice this tradition.


Holiday Food

In most traditions around the world, special food is an important part of the holiday tradition. The Cayman Islands are no exception. Since meat used to be rare on the Islands, it is a valued aspect of celebrations and Christmas meals. Residents and guests of the Cayman Islands often served fresh beef and pork for the Christmas meal. Cakes are also popular and are often served with Sorrel, a traditional Caribbean drink. If you and your family are planning on spending Christmas in the Caymans—or even if you aren’t!—you can get a sneak peek on the food by making some traditional Cayman Island Christmas recipes at home.


Cayman Entertainment

The traditional activities offered on all three of the Cayman Islands can enhance your family’s experience during Christmas. Your children can play and swim with Stingrays in Stingray City, and you can snorkel throughout the area. You and your family can watch sharks eat and feed turtles at Boatswain’s Beach. Take a butterfly tour at Cayman Islands Butterfly Farm, ride the bike trails on Little Cayman island, or enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the bluffs of Cayman Brac. Most of this entertainment is available during the holiday season, and can make your vacation particularly memorable. Imagine telling your friends upon your return that you swam with Stingrays on your Christmas vacation!


Image Credit: rcbodden, Flickr


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