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Family Holiday Travel Packing Tips and Tricks

Updated on February 21, 2016

So you’re browsing leisurely online for cheap family holiday package deals, and then you suddenly find yourself getting your credit card, and boom! You are now ready to surprise your spouse and kids with the gift of adventure and create many wonderful memories together.

If this is your first time to go on a grand vacation with your family, we understand the challenge of packing and how you want to be ready for every moment. Don’t fret, we’re here to help you out pack efficiently so you’ll have everything on hand for your escape. So whether you’re going on a family holiday package in Malaysia beaches or the snow-capped Swiss Alps, here are some important points when packing for the whole family’s vacation!

  1. Basic Clothes - Since you will be allowed to carry only a few pieces, stick to the essentials that you can easily mix and match and maybe add one or two special ensembles for a lovely dinner out or any other special occasion that you might need to attend to.

    Warm Destination : Cotton shirts, shorts, flowy tops, tank tops, breezy summer dresses. Dresses seem to be the most practical choice for girls, not needing to pack a top and bottom separately. You can also bring in a pair of comfy trousers or jeans for your attire during the flight. A light jacket, cardigan, or shawl would be helpful too, in case of windy nights or when strolling along air-conditioned areas.

    Cold Destination : It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Bring clothes that you can layer. Thermal top, long-sleeved cotton shirts, a thick knit sweater, a bubble jacket or a trench coat, jeans or thermal leggings. Do not forget thick socks and boots if the place you’re going to is in winter mode.

  2. Socks and Underwear - Need we say more? Thick, thermal socks is crucial for surviving winter. You could buy in advance at your home country or research for some stores where you can buy it at your destination.

  3. Sleepwear - The basic shirt and pyjamas would do, bring at least 2 sets.

  4. Slippers - Some hotels might not provide in-room slippers, so just in case, be ready and pack slippers that are also good for outdoor use and the beach!

  5. Extra pair of Shoes - This would totally depend on how you dress up when you travel, but if you want to be totally ready for anything, bring an extra pair of lightweight shoes that go well with whatever ensembles that you packed.

  6. Sunscreen - A true necessity for daily living, sunscreen should be applied whenever you go out there to brave the sun, regardless if it’s summer or winter.

  7. Toiletries - Bring the basic toiletries that you can share as a family such as shampoo, soap, facial wash, toothpaste, and of course, your individual toothbrushes.

  8. First Aid Kit - One of the most crucial things to have a meaningful holiday is to be ready for anything, even the not-so-pleasant moments. Bring a first aid kit which includes bandages, cleaning agent or ointment for wounds, cotton swabs, cotton, disinfecting wipes, gauze, medical tape, and emergency medicines for headache, allergies, diarrhoea, motion sickness, colds, and any other medication that you need to take. And oh, don’t forget to bring vitamins for everyone!

  9. A Gadget Bag - We’re sure you’re bringing along your gadgets to capture your precious moments. A gadget bag could be a hard case that you can put your devices in safely while being transported. You could also go for a “dry bag” to carry with you to the beach, to protect your devices from the elements.

Family holiday package deals this 2016 are aplenty, so take advantage of every opportunity while they last. When travelling with family, all-inclusive holidays with free child places must be considered to ensure maximum enjoyment on both the parents’ and the children’s end.

Choose a destination that has everything accessible: restaurants, food stalls, supermarkets, and at least a first aid clinic. Let packing be the least of your worries, and enjoy the time off as much as you can because you deserve every bit of it!

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