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Family Resorts Australia

Updated on January 22, 2011

Best place to stay for kids (and parents too!)

If you have active children, family resorts would be the best choice to stay for holiday in Australia. The facilities will keep the kids entertained for days. There are usually one or more of the following facilities at the resort; playground for toddlers, swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasiums, spa, basket ball court, mini-golf, kids game room. Some resorts are built on acres of land with walking track surrounding it, they are my favourite.

Most resorts have basic cooking facilities which is great for preparing your own meal to keep the budget down. I usually check out if there is a local farmers markets on before I left for my holiday, where you can buy fresh local produce and prepare delicious and healthy meals.

Personally I prefer to travel light, so laundry facilities is a must. The bonus is you won't go home with dirty smelly clothes!

Pinnacle Valley Resort, Merrijig, Victoria, Australia


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