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Beaches in Pakistan

Updated on December 7, 2016

Famous Beaches in Pakistan

Pakistan is the home of some most beautiful, natural and sandy beaches. These amazing beaches are situated from Pakistan largest city Karachi to Baluchistan. Recent development of infrastructure and other facilities by the government provide more opportunity for tourist and local people to visit these beaches and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Some beaches are very nice for swimming and bathing some are very dangerous due to rocks and mud and several incidents has occurred in these beaches. the government appointed lifeguards are available in these locations to prevent any incident every one should cooperate these people for their own safety and better environment.

Sandspit Beach

Sendspit beach is situated south west of Pakistan largest city Karachi. Sandspit is very famous tourist spot and large number of people visit every day with their families. Beach is ideal location for enjoying sea currents, bathing and enjoyment. Sandspit beach also breeds place for green turtles. Government has a special program for turtles breeding and several people are working on a government project.

Paradise Point Beach

Paradise Point beach on the Arabian sea is located in Karachi. This beach is very famous for its amazing rocks and sands. Beach is considered dangerous for bathing because of slippery rocks and sand. Usually people come form Karachi with their families from enjoying the sunset and the beauty of nature at this beautiful place.

Manora Beach

Manora is a small island situated just south of the port of Karachi. Manoa is also a very famous public place because of large sandy beaches. Manora local population is about twenty thousand local people usually used small boats for travelling and island is also a good point for fishing.

Sunhera Beach

Sunhera beach is situated in Baluchistan and about one hour drive from Karachi. Sunhera Beach is very famous for natural beauty and golden send but unfortunately lack of facilities make things miserable for visiting people. Inside road is also very narrow and mud built some time very hard to drive. Small numbers of fishermen are also living with very little life facilities.

Russian Beach

Russian beach is located near Karachi Steel Mills. Russian Beach was specially prepared for Russian workers who came to Pakistan for construction of Pakistan largest Steel Mills. Russian beach is situated far from city and very calm and quiet place only few people visit this beach because of far location. You can enjoy amazing sunset with cold breeze in winter season.

Cape Mount Beach

Cape mount is a beach on Arabian Sea, located in Karachi. Cape mount is also famous for its natural beauty and sandy beaches. Large number of people most of are from Karachi visited Cape Mount especially on holidays. Nearby hills and top location you can see a top view of sea line and amazing sunset also.

Mubarak Village Beach

Mubarak village is a small village situated in Pakistan Baluchistan Province and about three hours drive from Karachi. Mubarak village is small village population about 2500 fishermen and their families. Mubarak village is also famous for its sandy beaches and natural beauty and large number of people visit Mubarak village, especially in weekends but sometimes lack of facilities make life miserable for visiting people.

Hawks Bay Beach

Hawksbay is a beach in Karachi it is a very famous tourist resort it is a sandy beach with crystal blue water. Every day large number of people visit with their families. Due to the ideal location and low sea currents Hawks Bay beach is the best location for bathing and enjoyment.

Clifton Beach

Clifton beach is most famous and visited Places in Karachi. Clifton beach is located on the Arabian sea and it is considers world most popular silver sand beach. Due to fine infrastructure and other facilities Clifton Beach is a very famous tourist destination. Clifton beach has also very famous in the local population large number of families visited Clifton beach every day to enjoy golden sand and beautiful sunset at Clifton beach.

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Mubarak Village Beach in Picture


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    • kufarooq profile image

      KHAWAJA UMER FAROOQ 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      Thanks for your comment and visit you are most well come

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Wonderful information with even wonderful photos. You have shared some interesting features of Pakistan. I am happy to read a hub from Pakistan. Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you for sharing. Voted up.