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Famous Fountains

Updated on October 22, 2011

A fountain is a wonderful piece of architecture which is recognized by a stream of water sprouting upwards or downwards.

If designed well, fountains can give an amazing site for the viewers. The world is full of such amazing fountains.

There are many wonderful and attention grabbing fountains in the world which attract the tourists from all over the world with their magnificent architecture and breath taking beauty.

Below given are some of the famous fountains all over the world:

The Bellagio Fountain of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is famous for its wonderful sites, its casinos and the Bellagio fountain. In small and simple words, the fountain is nothing but gorgeous! 

Bellagio Fountain
Bellagio Fountain

The fountain is designed marvelously where water flows beautifully along with the music being played at its back ground.

The water from the fountain flows upward and stretches up to 460 feet, sprouting from 1200 water emitting devices.

The images of Bellagio fountain represent the city of Vegas in many movies and TV shows. Whenever there is a scene related to Vegas, the clips of Bellagio fountain are shown for sure.

The Jet dEau Fountain
The Jet dEau Fountain
Peoples Friendship Fountain
Peoples Friendship Fountain
Archibald Fountain
Archibald Fountain
King Fahds Fountain
King Fahds Fountain

The Jet d’Eau Fountain of Geneva

The jet d’Eau fountain is one of the most popular fountains of the world and the most favorite tourist spot of Geneva.

It is one of the symbols of the city just like the Bellagio fountain of Vegas.

The fountain has been built at the point where the GenevaLake meets the RhoneRiver.

The water from the fountain shoots upwards at the speed of 124 mph and reaches up to 460 feet.

The water can be seen throughout the city.

People’s Friendship Fountain of Moscow

The people’s friendship fountain is located in the all Russian exhibition center in Moscow and is also known as the friendship fountain.

This fountain is famous for its unique octagonal shape.

The fountain has 16 gilded statues representing the obsolete states of Soviet Union with each statue wearing national costumes representing each state.

Archibald Fountain of Sydney

The Archibald fountain was built in 1932 and since then is one of the most beautiful and marvelously designed fountains of the world.

The design of the fountain has been inspired from the Greek and the roman art and literature and was designed by a famous Australian sculptor Francois Sicard.

The structure consists of the statue of Apollo surrounded by statues of other roman and Greek gods from which the water jet is sprouting upwards.

The purpose of the fountain was to honor the France-Australia alliance in the World War II.

King Fahd’s Fountain In Jeddah

The king Fahd’s fountain located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is without a doubt the most amazing fountain ever built by man.

It happens to be the highest water fountain in the world.

The fountain has 3 pumps, these pumps throw out 625 liters of water every second which travelling at the rate of 233 miles per hour and reaches up to 1023 feet high!

Watching the water flowing from the fountain is just like watching the Eifel tower.

The water reaches so high that one standing at the ground has to bend completely backwards in order to see the tip of the stream.

Fountain Of Wealth
Fountain Of Wealth
The Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain
The Magic Fountain
The Magic Fountain

Fountain Of Wealth In Singapore

The fountain of wealth is located in the city of Suntec within the largest shopping mall of the city.

Where the King Fahd’s fountain is the highest fountain, the fountain of wealth is the largest fountain of the world.

The entire fountain is made of bronze and has five towering blocks. These blocks represent a left hand which is emerging out of the ground. 

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai has always strived for excellence when it comes to showcase art in the form of engineering marvels.

The Dubai fountain is yet another piece of marvel adding to the beauty of this magnificent city.

The fountain is on the 30-acre man made lake in Downtown Dubai, over looked by the tallest structure on Earth, Burj Khalifa. It is the most wonderfully choreographed fountain of the world, illuminated by 6600 lights and 25 projectors.

The Magic Fountain Of Montjuic

The magic fountain of Montjuic is located between Placa d’ Espanya and the National Palau in Barcelona, Spain.

The fountain was built in the late 1920s and was designed by Carles Buigas.

The fountain has a wonderful and magnificent display of color, light and water acrobatics. This fountain is one of the most favorite tourist spot of the world.   


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Pakistan

      Fountain is anything which feeds water from a source into a collecting basin. Although, this term is mostly applied to man made fountain systems but this phenomenon if occurring naturally can also be called a fountain. However, when it occurs naturally it is called a 'water spring'.

    • profile image

      Michelle Uy 

      6 years ago

      this article is good; however i was confused if fountains may be MAN MADE OR NATURAL??? can you please clarify this? thanks.

    • gr82bme profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Thank you for the beautiful pics


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