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Faro, Portugal Travel

Updated on June 19, 2013
Se Cathedral Faro
Se Cathedral Faro | Source

The coastal city of Faro, in Portugal's Algarve region, was once part of ancient Rome and was later ruled by the Moors , who lost it to the Christians in 1249. With a long and fascinating history and interesting attractions, not to mention beaches and bars, it's no wonder Faro is a favorite with travelers.


Town Beach

Head to Avenida Nascente in the southwest of town to soak up the sun and splash in the waves at Praia de Faro, the local beach. The beach is situated on a strip of land that juts into the water, framed by the wild sea on one side and a calmer lagoon on the other. The beach's bars and restaurants make it easy to spend a whole day there, on into the evening.


Faro is home to the University of Algarve – and you know how college kids love to party. Visitors looking for bars, live music and dancing should head to Rua Conselheiro Bivar and Rua do Prior, two streets known for their hopping nightlife.


Chapel of Bones

Faro is home to one of the region's most unique sites, the Chapel of Bones, or Capela dos Ossos. Located in the garden of the church Igreja do Carmo, this macabre chapel's walls are lined with skulls and bones recovered from a monks cemetery.

Old Town

Faro's oldest structures are located in the district known as Old Town, or Cidade Velha. Visit the neighborhood to walk the cobblestone streets and see pretty white buildings with beautifully designed balconies.

Sé Cathedral

Originally built in 1251, the Sé Cathedral, or Catedral de Sé, was partially destoryed by an earthquake in 1755 and rebuilt, so that the cathedral we see today is a delightful mishmash of Renaissance, baroque and gothic architectural styles. Be sure to see the magnificent baroque organ, take note of the wall tiles and head up to the bell tower to enjoy the incredible views of the town. Sé Cathedral is located in the Old Town neighborhood.

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Faro, Portugal
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