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See the world without ever leaving your house

Updated on December 11, 2014
Lake McDonald web cam shot
Lake McDonald web cam shot

Scenic Webcams

One of the really amazing things about the internet, you can travel by webcam to places that you want to see, anytime you want. There are millions of webcams out there, hooked up to the internet. Many of them are showing things that most people have no desire to see, like someones sleeping cat or someone working on their homework in their bedroom. Some however are set to give you great sceinc views of places you would like to see, and and some very cool scenery. Many of them are now high enough resolution that that you can save the snapshots for backgrounds on your monitor, etc. These are some of my favorite ones. Some of them I look at daily, just to see what's going on. Many of them are places I would love to see live every day, that is not possible. This is the next best thing.

Offsite list

There were too many links for me to put the list on Hubpages, so I had to put the list on another site. This is my favorites list and I will update it when I find new cameras that are cool.

Check it out here.


Some of these scenic webcams are controlable, some are live feeds, some are able to go full screen. Some you can look at hi res and some only low res. Many of them also show the time and temperature at the location. Many of the city ones are links to a site that have several for that city. All of them are pretty cool to check out at times.

Scenic webcams

One of the best places to view good webcams is the site Earthcam. On this site they have links to many of the best places to see on the internet. There are some of the best at National parks and other outdoor and nature sites, places like, Soda Butte Lodge, Yellowstone river, Glacier National Park, Duluth Harbor, Old faithful, Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Mt. St Helens, Yosemite, Washington state webcams, Banff, Sawtooth Mountain Idaho, Kona bay hawaii, Mt Washburn Yellowston.

Highest mountain web cams

Here are some newer cool webcams, they are some of the highest peaks around the world, check them out.

Vajiralongkorn Dam in Thailand
Vajiralongkorn Dam in Thailand

City Cams

Earthcams also has links to many city webcams where you can see around the city and see what's going on around the cities. Some of the best city cams are, St. Louis, Denver, Wiakolai, Rio, Sitka, NYC Time Square, Duluth, Nashville, Tokyo, Moscow, NYC Statue of liberty, Paris, and many more.



There are several other sites that have multiple webcams for your use that you can check out.  There are also many that are just individual sites.  If you want to spend time seeing some cool sites anytime you want to, webcams are the way to do it.

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