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Fez the Imperial city

Updated on September 22, 2015

Moroccan architecture

Fez the Cultural Capital of Morocco

Traveling Morocco is really unregretable idea every single city there has its special kind of meaning from the North to its sahara but if you had already visited Morocco and you didn't pass by the city of Fez , Let me tell that you should do it afresh because it is the city that tells History there

if you really admire history and culture this post is for you as a proof it's fez that hosts the spiritual music festival every summer concerning people there ,they are so nice , freindly and welcoming reagrding money Fez is not expensive as the other moroccan cities ( Agadir , Marrakech ..)

Places to visit in Fez

The Imperial City is the capital of the traditional culture of Morocco. Cribs knowledge, superb madrasas are the flaming symbol

Mapping The City of Fez

A nearby country, especially since the opening of low cost flights. My journey not go Fez, an ancient imperial cities of Morocco. Located in the Middle Atlas, this beautiful city, the historic capital of the kingdom, is the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco. I spent three pleasant days full Ramadan. Rest assured if you go there at this time, Fez is enough for tourist restaurants open in sufficient numbers at this time!

Some History

Fez was founded in 789 by Idriss 1st, descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and founder of the kingdom. The city soon became the capital of Morocco. As you see, this is a very old city. The mosque el Qaraouiyyîn is one of the most important monuments of the city. This is still the oldest center of education in the Western world, before Oxford and the Sorbonne! The Royal Palace, the "Dar el Makhzen" is another landmark lighthouse Fez. The Saadian tombs are worth a visit. Finally, the city being surrounding by walls, some beautiful enclosure doors are worth a visit, especially Bab Bou Jeloud.

La mosquée Karaouiyine est une des plus imposantes du Maroc. Elle abrite l’université considérée comme la plus ancienne au monde, fondée au milieu du IXe siècle, époque à laquelle les matières fondamentales étaient la théologie, la grammaire et le droit coranique. En face, la medersa El-Attarine est considérée comme la plus belle de la médina.

The Medina of Fez

But the interest of this city is its impressive medina. Fascinating. A maze of streets, shops, activities that have can browse for hours. You will observe local life, the richness of the markets, sometimes you come face to face with old Medersas (religious schools) of refined architecture. Sometimes you come across a small square and fountain tiled. Enjoy tea on the terrace of a restaurant, watching the coming and going of the crowd. Really, after visitng Fez, you really know what the word "medina" means!

A medersa is a school where the Koran is taught and all the academic subjects of knowledge: math, grammar, history, astronomy, medicine ... In Morocco, especially in Fez, the function of the madrasas is also welcome students from other regions. Generally, it is organized around a central courtyard with a fountain. Classes are taught in the rich arcades on the sides.

And it hosts frequently celebrations, festivals, international conferences in the cultural, scientific, intellectual and religious fields, also held by the International Conference for the cities of the Third World Heritage in 1993, and ranked global human heritage in 1981.

What distinguishes the city from other cities in Morocco, there are ten thousands old the building, where the hills palaces built since ancient times, and there are old out houses song narrow, and decorated with beautiful mosaics, and the flowing water and fountains, and the eyes of seventy kilometers, and by four thousands fountain, which making it a vital source of water.

The weather

It's really hot there in the summer and cold by the winter, and moderate in the Autumn and spring, where frequently the number of tourist increases in these two seasons


- Do not go to a store if you do not think to buy something. Traders are often insistent see unpleasant if you do not buy ...

- Take a guide to visit the medina is not luxury. Children will offer it at low cost. Prefer an Official guide.

- The place is touristy and dense. But really, it is worth it! And you, do you know this place?

Hope this hub was interesting and useful !


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