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Good Bars Close To Moscone Convention Center San Francisco

Updated on April 27, 2011

Finding The Right Bar To Continue Business After The Meeting Has Ended

Work brings most people to Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, and the meetings and expositions keep convention-goers busy from sun-up to sunset. Even when the meetings are done for the day, however, the work is not always over.

Maybe there's a deal you want to push, or a relationship you want to deepen. Whatever the reason, you want to find somewhere near Moscone for a quick drink, or for a longer round of drinks and perhaps some food, too.

Here's a guide to some of the best the area has to offer. These suggestions range from dives to five-star affairs; from mere bars to restaurants that also include a lively bar scene.

Eddie Rickenbacker's on Second Street
Eddie Rickenbacker's on Second Street

Casual, Dive and Sports Bars

Thirsty Bear Brewing Co.: Thirsty Bear is a Moscone convention center favorite. When big shows come to town, this space is sure to be booked for a private event. No surprises here: house brand microbrews, televisions, hamburgers, and a mix of locals and visitors. 661 Howard Street.

Dave's: A narrow bar with formica tables and bright lights, Dave's nevertheless has its own dive bar charm. Plus, it's directly across the street from the Westin Market Street Hotel. 29 3rd Street.

Chevy's: Directly across the street from Moscone South is a Chevy's. Sure, you no doubt have a Chevy's back home, too, and what you will find in San Francisco isn't much different from a Chevy's anywhere else. That means decent snacks, strong Margaritas (on the rocks or frozen, however you like it), a good number of people and televisions in the corner showing your favorite game. 201 3rd Street.

House of Shields: A San Francisco institution recently remodeled under new ownership. Newspapermen once frequented this joint. It's a low-key, friendly place with a fine bar and now a serious cocktail program. 39 New Montgomery.

Jillian's: Kind of an upscale sports bar, across from the Moscone in the Metreon. The food is decent, not spectacular, but it is convenient and it is large enough for most groups. 101 4th Street.

Wine Bars

Press Club: Mere steps from Moscone lies a little slice of the wine country. Press Club is a stylish, underground venue that brings the tasting room experience right to the heart of the city. Here you will find 8 boutique wineries, all of which make very good wines. They have tasting counters staffed by the wineries, so you can do a flight to get a feel for a single company, or you can sample around several different tasting coutners to sample the region. A must if your business trip is too short to grant you time to get to Napa County or Sonoma County! There's also a comfortable lounge area where you can relax to enjoy wines by the glass or bottle. There's a retail shop at the ground level entrance, so you can pick up a souvenir on your way out the door. 20 Yerba Buena Lane.

B Restaurant & Bar: B is a sleek and airy spot for a nibble and a glass of wine after the claustrophobic intensity of the convention hall. B sits atop Yerba Buena Gardens, has ample outdoor seating and its walls are glass, bringing the outdoors — in or vice versa. 720 Howard Street.

Cocktails, Martinis and Swank

Ame at the St. Regis: The lobby at the St. Regis hotel is pretty darn sexy, and so is the clientele. The St. Regis is kitty corner to Moscone Convention Center, and should your martini lead to a second or third, and should your expense account allow it, Ame restaurant is one of the tops in the city. 689 Mission Street.

Amber India: A fancy Indian restaurant bedecked in rich golds, oranges and reds, Amber India has quite the swank bar area, complete with its own bar menu. You can order nibbles as you enjoy Indian-inspired drinks (think tamarind and lime), though they mix the classics here just fine, too, if you hanker for something less exotic. 25 Yerba Buena Lane.

Azie: Azie restaurant close to Moscone Center has a full lounge area that fills up after work lets out for the day. This is a standard, upscale bar and lounge. 826 Folsom Street.

Bar888: The InterContinental Hotel's bar is all glittering fiberoptics, exposed wine bottles and well-crafted drinks. Better yet, the InterContinental is immediately next door to Moscone West. The adjacent restaurant, Luce, receives high marks and its founding chef was a Top Chef finalist and voted best chef by GQ. 888 Howard Street.

XYZ Restaurant & Bar: The W Hotel has one of the best green drinks programs in the city, so pop over to XYZ if you want organic mixers, artisanal and sustainable spirits and tasty, eco-friendly bar bites. 181 3rd Street.


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