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Finding Suitable Expat Accommodation In Cebu Philippines

Updated on July 17, 2012

A Stepping Stone...

When you first arrive in Cebu, Philippines you will most likely have yourself pre-booked into a hotel. Mainly because the ease and peace of mind that you will have a bed to crash into after a long flight and that someone from the hotel will be at the airport to meet you once you arrive.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with staying in the hotel, and I myself have used hotels in Cebu as a stepping stone until I found somewhere more permanent to live. But unless you are rolling around in money or have recently won the lottery you will soon see your money disappear. So use the hotel as a stepping stone and a base to dump your bags and sleep whilst you venture out and look for somewhere that you can call home.


Forums, Classifieds & Expats

A great place to start looking is in various Cebu expat forums, there are a few around and I’m not going to plug any forums on here but just do a Google search and many will pop up!

Forums give you a chance to speak to expats who are already living in Cebu and they can guide you to the best areas to start looking and also the areas to avoid.

Another great place to look is the classifieds, either online or in the local news papers as this is where most of the apartments and accommodation is advertised and this is well known in the expat community here in Cebu and is normally the first port of call for anyone looking for somewhere to stay.


Why Not Try A Pension House!

If you’re not ready to settle down in an apartment why not try looking a pension houses, the name is a little deceiving as they are not actually pension houses as you would come to expect back home say in the States or in the UK.

Pension houses provide the basics; some come where their own kitchenette and the prices per night are usually under 1000 peso a night. Again this option is a good stepping stone before moving to somewhere a little more permanent.


On A Tight Budget?

If you are on a tight budget and looking for an apartment or house the best places to start to look would be away from the Cebu city centre as with most cities around the world as you start to edge away from the city centre the rental and the actual costs of living drop dramatically.

One downsides is that you are away from the action and the big major malls but if you are like me that is not really an issue, it’s only a Jeeepney ride away and basic groceries and beer can be purchased from the many Sari Sari stores locally.

A markerCebu -
Cebu City, Philippines
get directions

Good Luck!

It all really boils down to your budget and what you are looking to do, party like a tourist every night of the week then live in the Cebu city centre where everything is on your doorstep.

Looking for a more chilled and relaxed lifestyle and maybe hit the Cebu city once a week then live a little further away from the Cebu city centre where you can integrate yourself into the local community and live a little cheaper.


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    • profile image

      creativeblox 5 years ago

      Good tips! I found that If you don't mind a little commute from the action there are some nice homes on mactan island next to cebu that has homes for about 10,000 to 15,000 pesos per month fully furnished. you can get a jeepney or taxi into the city for about 50 pesos.

      Stay away from the mercado area. too noisy and dirty. some places to look into are punta engaño, lapu lapu, saac, and my favorite are Cordova and Soong. look at Rahja apartments in Soong. there you can some times find a home as described. the water along the coast is cleaner than those facing Cebu harbor.

      many of the places you will not find listed online. you have to drive around the area.