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The Perfect Travel Partner

Updated on November 26, 2016

1 VS 2

Traveling alone has its pros and cons. You can micromanage budgeting to yourself. You don't have to worry about anyone falling behind. You are careless in your actions because you don't have to worry about babysitting other people while on vacation. You can go about your business and not have to worry about when another person is going to wake up for breakfast or what the other person wants to do today. Yes, there are some pros to traveling alone, but there are some major cons to it as well. You're paying for the car rental or Uber in full by yourself. You're also paying for the hotel in full by yourself. You're taking pictures by yourself and not really having to experience any communication with someone who may share the same insights as you do. When you're traveling with another person you have one another to help each other out. When you're in an area that may be unfamiliar to tourists. You have a second opinion on where to go and what to do. Especially if another person has traveled to a specific area that you haven't yet.

For several months, I traveled alone. Mainly traveling by car, but I still traveled alone. It was nice the first couple of times because I sincerely needed to be by myself. I enjoyed driving alone, sightseeing, and stopping in at different areas on my way down to my destination. I eventually spent sometime down in Atlanta, GA with my boyfriend. We did a lot of tourist-like things in his hometown that we have never seen or done before. It made me enjoy being with him 20 times more because we enjoyed the company of each other while sightseeing and traveling together. Yes, we did argue from time to time, but we still managed to look past all of that and enjoy our time.

My First Braves Game

Turner Field; Atlanta, GA
Turner Field; Atlanta, GA

Traveling With The Right Person

After traveling with my boyfriend for some time in our hometown, I began to enjoy traveling with a partner. I still liked traveling alone, but it was something about sharing the experience with someone who made it worthwhile. I had experiences to share that involved other people and not by myself. My boyfriend and I loved trying new foods and going to new places with our kids. We were in love with being the first to know about things and trying foods that others haven't tried yet. It was a delightful feeling getting to travel and see different places that others haven't seen yet. We visited every spot right here at home and we still managed to have a few more to cross off our list. Even though my boyfriend and I loved traveling together there were still things that i had to do on my own when it came to travel.

On a recent trip to Seattle, WA, my sister and I had to take this together due to some unfortunate family events. We took our trip and did our business we had to take care of but that didn't stop us from being the extravagant adventures that we are. My sister and I have always been travelers. We enjoyed it most definitely alone for a while. We initially couldn't stand traveling together because we were so different for some time. It had been years since we traveled together. Since our Seattle trip it's shown us a little more about how much we enjoyed traveling together. We shared stories of our trips we took alone and had some very heart to heart moments. We shared our love for traveling and our crazy selves full of optimism. I then realized i had found the person who I could travel the world with and be perfectly OK with dealing the maniac experiences that we could have.

Seattle, WA

Gibson Cafe

Gibson Cafe; BNA Nashville International Airport, Nashville, TN
Gibson Cafe; BNA Nashville International Airport, Nashville, TN

What To Look For In A Travel Partner

I have been on plenty of trips with many people. I enjoyed time with each and every single one of them. There were things that I carefully considered when I picked the right person to travel with. There are a range of people who I've traveled with. The alcoholic group, the group of people who wanted to bum out on the beach all day. The ones who wanted to stay inside all day, the ones who wanted to tour the strip. Even ones who spent the entire trip hung over. Yes, I've been with a range of different people. But I managed to narrow down what I liked and it is why istarted traveling on my own to begin with. I traveled with people who wanted to do different things all the time and really I just wanted to go parasailing or get on a scooter and tour the strip, try new foods. I avoided alcohol when I could. I spent my college days hitting the clubs and waking up on vacation day with a bad hangover and realizing that I wasted an entire day. It all has to do who you surround yourself with. When i traveled alone I woke up and did what I wanted to do on a fresh new day. When I traveled with my boyfriend we woke up without hangovers and got to invest some valuable time together out in our home town and remembered every bit of it. When i traveled with my sister we made memories. We explored and saw scenic views. Don't get me wrong, have a drink or two, but know who is going to motivate you to get up the next morning to do what you actually went there to do.

Look for a motivated person that's just as adventurous as you are. Someone who is going to want to try new things and spend as much as you when you travel. I found this in both my boyfriend and my sister. We all shared great charismatic when it came to traveling. My boyfriend enjoys photography and video-graphy, so we took our traveling a little more motivational. We use a lot of our traveling as our motivation for work. It's something we both enjoy doing. My sister and I both share a common interest in being adventurous. We love trying new things, meeting new people, sitting outside and drinking coffee with a nice view. We both share a common interest on topics to discuss. Looking for a travel partner will take some time. But when the right person comes, it's pretty nice.

Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA
Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA
Mekong Supermarket, MLK hwy.; Seattle, WA
Mekong Supermarket, MLK hwy.; Seattle, WA

Don't Be Afraid To Open Up

For a long time, I traveled alone. I traveled alone and kept a lot of things to myself. When I traveled with a group of people, a lot of them didn't realize how different we were until, well, till we traveled together. We did not have a common interest in traveling. Some people wanted to travel just to say they were on vacation. When I started traveling with groups I looked for someone who I carried an interest with. I opened up to some people who I could trust. It's the motivation that people want to actually be able to go out and do it. When you open up, you see what kind of people they are and if they are really up to the challenge. I've seen a lot of people turn around after vacation time was over. That really vacation is a vacation, and that traveling is a gifted option. To people like my sister, my boyfriend, and myself; traveling is motivation, it's almost our careers. We do it so often that it's become part of us. Open up to those who you travel with and see who fits best with you.

Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA
Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA


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