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Fish Spa Experience

Updated on July 14, 2012

Road Trip: Tibiao, Antique

On a beautiful day, my brother, sister, brother-in-law, beautiful two year old niece, cousin, my cousin's two kids and I were on a three hour road trip to this gorgeous island in the Philippines for a holiday getaway. The whole family went to Boracay Island. We started from San Jose de Buenavista, Antique, our hometown, passing by Sibalom, Belison, Patnongon, Bugasong, Laua-an, Barabaza, and stopping by Tibiao, Antique. We stopped by to experience for the first time a fish spa adventure.

What is a fish spa? Fish spa is having little fishes swarm at your feet and eating your dead skin cells. You can choose from either of these two fish sizes: small or big. Spa is associated with water treatments. Fish spa is fun!

This was an almost perfect road trip experience since it took us only about a thirty-minute stop over to accomplish this feat. From the south going to the north, the location of the Tibiao Fish Spa is to your right, just beside the national highway. My other companions during this trip chickened out at the last minute and only my brother and I was brave enough for the fish attack.

And oh my goodness, it was a sight to behold! I tried to count the number of fishes that went to my brothers feet, and they were about a hundred of them. My dear and poker faced brother was holding on tight to his chair. His feet soaked and full of fishes. And now, it was my turn to go in. My sister said to me that since she already paid for it, I should not back out.

It was an experience of a lifetime. It did not hurt. Not at all. It will come later. My tummy hurt from all those laughing. I cannot stop myself from laughing so hard. The small delicate nips at my feet of those fishes made me laugh so hard my eyes start to water. I am not ticklish when it comes to my feet, but in this case, I am making the exception. My sister and other companions started laughing with us too. They know I cannot give in and cut short my fish spa experience. I stuck it out.

I believe I learned a valuable lesson that day. Be careful of what you wish for, It might just come true.

Tourist Map

Province of Antique
Province of Antique


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    • prea profile image

      prea 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks tonja for your comments :D Yes, the experience is memorable indeed it still brings a smile to my face every time. Have someone with you if you get the opportunity to do it. Its an experience worth sharing.

    • tonja niemi profile image

      Tonja Niemi 5 years ago from Eagan, MN USA

      Thank you for sharing! I have heard of this, but not had the opportunity to experience yet. I will do so, when the opportunity arises.

    • profile image

      Ysa 5 years ago