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Fishing Adventure in Central Ontario

Updated on October 8, 2017

Fond Memories of Fishing In Canada

Back in the early eighties my father and I would make at least two fishing trips a year to the west arm of Lake Nipissing area located in central Ontario. The French River located in central Ontario provides the fishing enthusiast with unlimited opportunities to enjoy great fishing surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Our fishing vacations consisted of two trips a year lasting one week each. One usually in June and one in September. My favorite time of year for visiting this fishing paradise was in September. The summer months are notorious for an unlimited number of black flies and mosquitoes that would eat you alive without a good insect repellent and mosquito netting.

I remember one night trying to clean a few bass that I caught earlier on the dock, the mosquitoes were so bad that they were actually biting me under my eye lids. I dumped the fish in the water and made a hasty retreat back to the cottage. I'm sure that the mink and turtles were happy with an easy meal that evening. We found that going in the second week of September drastically reduced the number of these annoying insects. We stayed at in a small two bedroom cottage at a pretty remote fishing lodge that also provided us with a rental on a boat and motor. At the time the exchange rate in currency between the U.S. and Canada was in our favor making these trips highly affordable.

A Combination of Great Fishing and Outdoor Adventure

When game fish are hungry they will hit on just about anything. The key to having a successful day is finding them. Over the years we encountered a few hot spots that enabled us to catch plenty of trophy sized fish including northern pike weighing in at ten pounds or more. One of my favorite standby lures for catching pike is the classic red and white Dare Devil. I have one in my tackle box that has been hit so many times by these aggressive fish that the paint is just about worn off the entire lure. It has caught an amazing amount of fish. Early evening would find us fishing for walleye from our boat using minnows for bait.

In addition to fabulous fishing there was an over abundance of wildlife and scenery. We got to enjoy two mink playing on the lake bank and one of them trying to invade my minnow bucket completely unafraid of our presence. We also encountered a black bear lazily crossing a dirt access road about a hundred yards in front of us. There were days where we did not encounter a single human being for the entire day. If you are like me and you love peace and quiet and the smell of pine in the air and the sound of pine needles crunching under your boots, a Canadian fishing trip just might be the answer.

One of My Favorite Classic Fishing Lures

Classic Dare Devil Fishing Lure
Classic Dare Devil Fishing Lure

Saying Goodbye to My Fishing Buddy

Unfortunately my dad passed away in 1986 after a brief battle with bone cancer. This was a tough time for me not only did I have to cope with the loss of my father but also a best friend and mentor. Don't get me wrong, our relationship wasn't perfect, there were times when we fought like cats and dogs and couldn't agree on anything. Overall he always provided me with great advice and was always there when needed. I will cherish the fun times that we had together and not a day goes by where I stop and think, what would dad do in this situation?

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