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Fit Traveler: Tips for a Healthy Trip

Updated on February 16, 2008

When on a vacation, it's important to stay healthy and fit, especially if weight loss is one of your general goals. This can be hard when there is so much outside temptation, though. If you plan ahead, you can make sure that your trip is the healthiest it can be. It doesn't matter if you're headed to Paris or Boston, these tips will work with most vacation destinations.

Walk, Walk, Walk

You should try to walk as much as you can while in your travels. Pick a hotel that is right in the center of all the amazing sights you want to visit. Then, you can walk to wherever you need to go. The great thing about walking, besides the obvious health benefits, is that you will see a lot more of the area. You'll have a look at parts of the city that you would have never seen if you took a cab everywhere.

Sign Up for Athletic Tours

Many towns have tours that show travelers beautiful parts of the area. There are white-water rafting tours or hiking tours that bring you to the most breath-taking spots. These are great because you will get a lot of exercise while seeing parts of the area that you would normally never set your eyes on.

Healthy Restaurants

The part where most people go astray on vacation is the food. While the bad food may taste good, it will definitely harm your health. Instead, look for restaurants and eateries that serve healthier food. Always avoid buffets; these are trouble just waiting to happen. Delis and cafes usually have a wide selection of fresh and healthy food. You could also try a sushi restaurant if you are feeling daring, as they have some of the healthiest food around.

Avoid Bars

While it may be fun to party while on vacation, you should watch out about getting drunk. You are in a town you've never been in, and you won't know which neighborhoods to avoid or how to get back to your hotel. It's best to keep a level head in order to avoid any accidents on your trip.

Know Key Facts about the City

Once you arrive at your destination, it's wise to compile a list of important numbers and facts. You should find out any emergency numbers that may become useful, such as poison control, fire, and police. While 9-1-1 is a customary emergency number in America, that isn't the case elsewhere. For instance, the general emergency number in England is 9-9-9. You should also make a list of the nearest hospitals, just in case anything should happen.

If you prepare correctly, you will avoid any trouble you may have on your trip. It's not hard to stay healthy and fit while on your travels. You just have to know the basics.


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