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Five Beauty Tips for Women Travelling Solo

Updated on July 31, 2014

How to Feel Beautiful and In-Control Wherever You Are

I choose to travel alone. I am not alone or lonely in my daily life, with or without a relationship. Being away from the familiar routine of your life can be extremely exciting. And often, it’s not the big wows that happen on the road that fuel the excitement of the unknown. For me, it’s the sensual experiences of travel that make or break my trips. I’m not referring to sexual experiences (which may or may not be a part of your experience on the road), but rather how a woman feels about herself in relation to her surroundings. Here is a tried and true list of ways that I, as a middle-aged woman travelling alone, maximize my experiences away from the comforts of my own life.

  • Pack clothes you wouldn’t normally wear. For example, throw in brilliant colored shawls and fun, colorful jewelry. I prefer orange, purple and red beaded bracelets with necklaces in silver and turquoise. You’d be surprised at the smiles you will receive that serve to build your confidence and assuage your fears of being alone. And by all means, get rid of those baggy khaki pants, long white kaftan tops and bulky earth sandals. Slimming leotard tops and flouncy skirts are much more flirty and fun!

  • Let your hair do its own thing. I have wavy, wild hair that I usually keep under wraps with gels and sprays. However, in the warmer tropical regions, I let it go free. I feel so much younger when my hair is out of restraints and flowing around my face, dancing in the breezes.

  • Tone down the make-up. For days of endless sightseeing and walking, all you need is mascara, a light powder foundation, and a pink or neutral lipstick. You will see how refreshed and younger you look in your pictures.

  • Breathe in and notice every bit of ambience around you. We all get lonely on the road. When I do, I take long walks and I concentrate on the feel of the breezes, the smell of fragrant flowers and spices, the sounds of music and laughter, the tastes of new spices, and the feel of new textures. Invariably, your mood changes and you set yourself up for new adventures when you are open to anything.

  • Have fun flirting! Even I, as a married woman, enjoy the occasional, lighthearted small talk with an attractive man. If you feel beautiful, no matter what your age, others will be attracted to you. Travelling alone is not a burden to bear; travelling alone can be an exhilarating time to revel in who you are. Trust me, you cannot set your inner self free when you are with others who have their own travel agendas. Their demands can often inhibit you from doing exactly what you want at any given moment. Take the risk and discover yourself!


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