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Five Colors of the Sand in the Philippines to Choose For Your Beach Getaway

Updated on August 26, 2019
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Travel, food, and nature are some of the most interesting means to learn and be inspired. JM tries to experience the beauty of these ways.

The Philippines is a country famous for the great number of islands that it has to offer. Among the 7,107 islands, many are already familiar with the likes of Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan. But did you know that the country has other beautiful beaches as well? Yes, you can find along the coastlines some brown, white, pink, black, and even pebble beaches. Here are some other places you could try for your next beach adventure. Whether you are a local tourist or a foreigner to the country, this list would give you a view of some new places to include in your travel list. This will cover from Luzon, Visayas, and up to Mindanao.

Color Your Day: Brown

Just a couple of hours away from Manila, you can visit Calatagan, Batangas.
Just a couple of hours away from Manila, you can visit Calatagan, Batangas. | Source

Brown Sand

The tropical weather in the Philippines and the long coastline that covers the islands can be a great chance for many people to go to the beaches and enjoy the sun all year round. With the coastline which stretches more than 30,000 kilometers, you sure can find brown sand. It is just that most locals and tourists are more familiar with popular destinations, such as Boracay, that only white beaches somehow are presented online.

If you have a shorter time in the country, you can drive or ride for a couple of hours from Manila and get yourself a quick view of the brown beaches in Batangas. There are a number of beaches to choose from.

Anilao is famous for its diving area and diving resorts. You can find great experiences with the beauty of the underwater here. You can be with friends or on your own.

Laiya has a quieter and laid-back feel to its beaches which is good for some quality time with family or some solitude. Who wouldn't want to have a calming moment along the seashore, right?

While another one, Calatagan, is more popular with the active beach-bodies because of its watersports. If you find yourself a little adventurous during your trip, you might enjoy this town's beach.

Aside from the beaches, you may also dig in some local cuisines to fill your tummy.

Explore the White Beaches

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Enter the enchanting world of Puka Beach, Boracay.The famous white beach of Boracay.Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Enter the enchanting world of Puka Beach, Boracay.
Enter the enchanting world of Puka Beach, Boracay. | Source
The famous white beach of Boracay.
The famous white beach of Boracay. | Source
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte | Source

White Sand

Many wouldn't dare argue with the idea of finding a secret paradise that is described by having pristine white sand. This is already one of the standards or even included in the criteria when people plan their travel.

It is already obvious that Boracay and Palawan are the top choices when one thinks of the Philippines. These places proved their take on paradise with their postcard-perfect sceneries and other attractions. This even led flocks of locals and tourists from all over the world to hop on a plane and enjoy a quick getaway. A lot of them want to try Boracay's nightlife and Palawan's underwater beauty.

But sometimes the number of people could be bothersome for others who are searching for a place to relax. Well then, don't worry, the country has more to offer.

You might try to find less-known beaches like Calaguas in Camarines Norte, Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, and Caramoan in Camarines Sur. You won't feel bad after seeing these hidden beauties. They are quieter versions of the popular ones, but they offer no less than what is considered paradise. They will give you similar white sand surprises but less the noise and the crowd.

Pink Sand

This one is a little difficult to find among the thousands of islands in the Philippines, and even around the world. A number of popular beaches like this are found in the Bahamas.

The sand seems pink in color because of the red corals or sea creatures like clams, which are crumbled and mixed with the sand on the shore. This natural phenomenon creates a wonderful pink hue. The Philippines houses only one of its kind in the whole country which could be found in Zamboanga. The place is known as the Great Santa Cruz Island. The beach is still waiting to be explored because it is not so known by both locals and more so with tourists.

However, be reminded that you wouldn't be seeing a strong red color or even soft-rosy sand, but more of a marshmallow type of pink sand. This is quite different for people who would wish to see the likes of the Bahamas beaches.

One of the explanations to this would be the erosion of a specific type of sea creatures that are found near the coastline. The eroded and rare Red Organ-pipe Coral (Tubipora Musica) were naturally mixed with the sand for a long period of time. The tropical pink beach like this in Southeast Asia is still nonetheless a great treat to explore.

Great Santa Cruz Island with its "pink" sand
Great Santa Cruz Island with its "pink" sand | Source
This hidden treasure is the ONLY pink beach in the Philippines
This hidden treasure is the ONLY pink beach in the Philippines | Source

Black Sand

Black? Isn't that going to be an awful sight?

Don't be afraid of this kind of beach. They are not made because of some ominous witchcraft. Black sand beaches are made when volcanic lava (yup, it's what you are thinking) gets in and mixes with water and breaks down into the sand. It could also be an erosion of volcanic rocks. Hawaii is popular for this type of beach because you can find them near volcanoes.

The Philippines has its own fair share of volcanoes all over the country. If you wish to see the Mount Mayon in Albay, you can also find black sand beaches near the area. There are also some in Ternate, Cavite (Puerto Azul).

It is even said that these beaches can relieve pain and make your body feel better. Maybe it's because of the volcanic attribute. Though you might try it on your own to get the answer, everyone has their personal take to whichever travel experience they have.

Most black sand beaches are near volcanoes. This one is the view of Mt. Mayon in Albay.
Most black sand beaches are near volcanoes. This one is the view of Mt. Mayon in Albay. | Source

Pebble Beach

Not good for swimming? But it's still good for experience to go to a pebble beach. This one in California has a similar place in the Philippines.
Not good for swimming? But it's still good for experience to go to a pebble beach. This one in California has a similar place in the Philippines. | Source

Stone Beach or Pebble Beach

The Philippines may not have a lot of this type of beach, but many don't find this an exciting place to visit. Though it may not be ideal for a great beach experience, it could still be worth the adventure. The Pebble Beach in Surigao City is another gem that is not so known to many.

The beach has a great number of pebbles and cobblestones. Here you could find them in different shapes and sizes. Many locals said that they have been quarrying the area but the number of stones seems endless.

Aside from the great number of these stones, you can enjoy the cool water which could be refreshing and relaxing for busy tourists. You might even go windsurfing if the waves are big enough. Moreover, there's also the beautiful Pebble Beach of La Union to further appreciate the great beauty of the Philippines' diverse beaches.

Which sand color do you look for when you travel?

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Additional Sand Colors

There are other wonderful beaches to explore around the world. Some of these may not be present in the Philippines, but it would be great to put them in your places-to-go-to list or even visit them in your next vacation.

  • Green Beach

Another great beach in Hawaii is the PapakĊlea Beach in the Ka'u district. This area is famous for the rare green sand that is caused by the presence of olivine crystals. There is some argument whether this is the only green beach in the whole world. However, my take on this would be a positive note. There are still many places to explore in our planet, and there might be another (maybe a small island) somewhere that could also have those crystals and have a green beach. This may be another adventure for some.

  • Red Sand

If the Philippines has its own light pink beach, there are other much brighter ones out there. Santorini has their Red Beach which gets a much deeper red color because of the red lava rock from the nearby cliffs.

Bonus: Fly to the Philippines with Philippine Airlines (PAL) and see the beauty of the country


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