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Five Great Things To Do in Key West

Updated on October 21, 2014

Five Adventurous Things to do in Key West

If you’re planning a vacation to the Florida Keys, and are lucky enough to visit Key West, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that a good time is in your vacation’s future. For over a decade, I’ve been going down to Key West for vacations, and let me tell you, I’m 99% sure that it is impossible to have a bad time in Key West. Not only do you always meet friendly locals, have great stories of the weird and eerie to go home with, meet people from all over the world, but also get to do some things that you may normally never get to do at home. Here are a couple of my favorite recommendations that I give to friends, and family that have no idea where to begin with a Key West, and want to have the ultimate Key West experience.

Visit the Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson

I cannot stress this enough: go to the Dry Tortugas. Explore Fort Jefferson, and snorkel, snorkel, snorkel. The coolest part about visiting this national park is you can only get there by a ferry ride or by a seaplane. It can get booked up pretty fast so this may need some advance planning, so this isn’t the thing to do for the spontaneous crowd, who book everything at the last minute. If you’re feeling really adventurous, and want to feel like you’re on a deserted island, there is even an option of camping overnight and getting the most incredible view of the stars!

Learn to Go Scuba Diving

Visitors of Key West who have been curious to try something new, and underwater, may find the perfect answer to their prayers. The Key West Dive Center offers an easy course that enables students to learn how to Dive-in-a-day. While working with experienced dive instructors, this gives people the opportunity to go from the pool to the ocean within a matter of hours.

The Ultimate Snorkel Experience

Sure there are plenty of Key West snorkeling tours out there, but it’s hard to imagine how someone goes to Key West for a vacation and does not go on the Ocean Vue Adventure. This snorkeling tour is more than a boat ride out to coral reef and then in for the day. It also consists of amazing underwater views on the way out to the reef because it is also a futuristic glass bottom boat ride. After some snorkeling, the captain takes his guests out to the dolphin habitat where dolphins are often found playing and enjoying the attention.

Enjoy Dinner in a Different Way

Key West is surely known for having some delicious, and mouth-watering cuisine. It’s hard to turn the corner and not see a restaurant with a great menu, and a 5-star chef. But sometimes on a vacation, you want the atmosphere to go along with your meal, which is why I recommend doing a Key West dinner cruise. You get a delicious meal, and served while out to sea with your loved one and get the best seats to watch the famous Key West sunset. Try it, it will be hard to regret this decision.

Go Fish

I’ve heard a lot of vacationers complain that they would never want to go fishing on a vacation. I’m not normally that kind of person that would like to either, but I have to say, it really fits in Key West. It’s one best ways to get yourself out of the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, and calm your mind: It’s just you and the sea. A deep-sea fishing charter in Key West has never let me down for a fun and relaxing day out in the ocean, and I highly recommend this for anyone truly looking to get away and meditate in a different manner.

Pick one, or pick all, these excursion are guaranteed to give you a great Key West experience!


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