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Five Largest Yachts in the World

Updated on April 7, 2016

Wealthy entertainers, movie stars, famous athletes, savvy business moguls and others around the world who have struck it rich in their lives, think nothing of buying oversized playthings to wile away the hours on any given day. Those oversized playthings can include private yachts.

Here, we will take a quick look at five of the largest yachts in the world that serve as ultimate 'boy toys' for some of the wealthiest of individuals on Planet Earth.

The Topaz – Cost: US$527 million

The Topaz measures 483 feet/2 inches and was built in Germany and launched in 2012. This floating palace is the plaything of a member of the United Arab Emerites elite, yet displays a Cayman flag. The Topaz can reach speeds of over 25.5 knots; and that would be a ride, indeed, if you and other guests were enjoying the on-deck jacuzzi, at the same time. Additionally, one will find double helicopter landing pads, swimming pool, tender garage, swimming platform, a fitness hall, cinema and large conference room. Eight floors tower upward on this massive ship; and at night, underwater lights illuminate the waters around it – nothing like setting the mood!

The Al Said – Cost: Unknown

The Al Said comes in at a whopping 508 feet/6 inches in length. It is, also, from Germany where its construction was completed in 2007 and, then, delivered to is owner, the Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id of Oman, in 2008. This wonder-of-the-sea was custom built, down to its magnificent exterior styling to its presumed decadent interior, of which, not much is known since no one outside the sultan's court has ever seen the inside. This beauty sails under the Omani flag and calls Muscat, Oman home. Though this monstrosity may not be the largest, it is deemed the fastest at 16,500kW, and will accommodate 70 guests and more than 150 crew members who will meet its guests' every need and whim. There is insider information concerning the mystery that shrouds this yacht; and that information reveals this 6-deck yacht possesses huge entertainment spaces, a concert hall that is large enough for a 50-piece orchestra, a helipad and a cinema.

The Dubai – Cost: US$350 million

The Dubai covers an expansive 531 feet/6 inches of breathtaking beauty; and it was built in 2006 in the United Arab Emrites. This immense floating toy belongs to Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai and will accommodate 24 select guests. Visitors will enjoy the luxuries of five VIP suites and six guest suites which, all, offer private balconies. Amenities abound including an atrium, swimming pool, barbeque area, cinema, disco, a Blackhawk helicopter landing platform, a gym, a garage for the yacht's submarine, and an array of adult water toys, such as jet-skis and windsurfers, that serve as the supreme boredom busters of all time. The swimming pool, by the way, boasts of a waterfall running out of the down-level decks.

The Eclipse – Cost: US$500 million

Coming in at 533 feet/2 inches, the Eclipse is a stream-lined stunner that was built in 2010 in Germany; and during that same year, this super-yacht was deemed the largest of all super-yachts in the world. As many as 92 crew members staff this beauty; and aside from the three helipads, the deck includes a 16 meter swimming pool, the base, of which, can be raised to create a dance floor.

In 2011, the Eclipse was voted as Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Super-yacht Awards ceremony – akin to receiving an Oscar in the movie industry.

The Assam – Cost: US$605 million

Woo-wee – how does 590 feet/7 inches of linear feet sound? Launched in 2013 and hailing from Germany, this behemoth boasts of an interior design that reflects a French Empire motif; and it carries its own submarine. Though not known for sure, it is believed this mammoth toy was built for a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. The impressive speed of over 31 knots is due to this ship's water-jet propulsion system which includes two pump jets that are fixed and two more that are directional. Interestingly, the Assam can travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters.

Pirates would want to think twice about approaching this ship since it has its own missile defense system. And, alas, for the Eclipse since the Assam takes over the coveted number-one spot as the world's largest yacht; and who knows, a different super-yacht will probably surpass the Assam's length at some point in time.

Super-yachts in various parts of the world are rivals in that they compete to see which one has the most amenities, which are the most luxurious, which is the fastest and/or which is most-known for its hospitality. That is a competition none of us will never be able participate it – but we can, always dream. The only problem is... finding where to park one.


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