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Major Attractions of Lombok-West Nusatenggara, Make Time Flies .

Updated on September 21, 2013

Lombok has so many places of interests that a-three-day visit to the island won't be enough to explore all of them. So, if you have just limited time, based my own experience here are some major places you can visit in 3 days.

Lombok Int. Airport. Selamat Datang/welcome to Lombok.
Lombok Int. Airport. Selamat Datang/welcome to Lombok. | Source

Where is Lombok Located ?

Lombok , which the name means chili, is another paradise island which is located in Central Indonesia around 770 km away from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.


Lombok can be reached by direct flights Garuda Indonsian Airways (GA) from Soekarno-Hatta Int. Airport in Jakarta which takes around 1 hour. If you choose another carrier like Lion Air, you'll need to transit in Surabaya and surely takes longer time. There is also a direct flight from Singapore to Lombok

Lombok can also be reached from Bali, the neighboring island, for about 30 minutes by plane. If you want to experience a more adventurous journey by sea, you can also rent a boat or a traditional boat called Jukung which takes 4 hours to reach the island. Many tourists use this mode of transport for a different trip sensation to Lombok and for another benefit in lower cost.

The plane I was flying with from Jakarta landed in Lombok International Airport at 8 p.m. so we directly went to the hotel which took 30 minutes from airport by a rented car. We, osix people including me, stayed at Jayakarta hotel at Senggigi.

On the way to the hotel we stop by at a popular local restaurant, Pak Udin restaurant, at Cakranegara to try Lombok traditional dish called Taliwang Chicken, a chicken of 3 month old which was served freshly grilled or fried in spicy recipe. Together with Taliwang chicken was also served Kangkung(water lily) Plecing. Pak Udin restaurant looked so humble but I saw it that night it had never been idle servicing its customers who always made the restaurant busy.

Beautiful views are  everywhere.
Beautiful views are everywhere. | Source

Day 1.

Three Gilis:

It is a must to visit Three Gilis when we go to Lombok for vacation. Actually Lombok has nine gilis (islands) but I only had time to visit three of them which are also the most popular ones. Those islands are respectively called, Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan.

Gili Air is the closest island to the main island Lombok . People come here with their snorkeling gears so that they can enjoy sea lives which have colorful tame fish and corals and to make it more tempting to be visited, fish at Gili air have different behavior in greeting swimmers, that they aren't scared of visitors and they'll come in school to greet them, especially those who bring some food like bread or cookies for them to eat . With some bread in your hands while you're diving in the shallow beach, colorful fish will come to you. Their gentle bites tickling your hands when they try to get food in your fist. After diving and snorkeling and you get tired, you can go to one of the cozy restaurants along the beach for meals or taking some rest.

Gili Meno, located in the middle among those three gilis, is also the second larger in size. Gili Meno is the least populated island with only around 300 people inhabit it. Its quietness and natural beauty surrounding it that other gilis don't have, become magnets which draw people to come to Gili Meno. Salt lake, Meno sea wall, and Meno eastern beach are among others. Meno beach is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. On Meno beach you can also spot turtles roaming freely together with other colorful fish.

Snorkeling at Gili Air.
Snorkeling at Gili Air. | Source

Gili Trawangan. I think Gili trawangan is the most popular among tourists. Most of the people come to Gili Trawangan for its spectacular beauty and dynamic lives on the island. When my boat was approaching Gili Trawangan, I saw several boats, mostly traditional ones were roaming around the island. It seemed that they were standby by the shorelines either waiting for their renters or looking for renters.

Not far from where my boat anchored, some foreigners freely enjoyed the sea water and white, pristine beach sands. Yes, the sands were so clean and I didn't see any pollutants like paper and plastics we normally spot on public beaches. I was sure those people wouldn't be willing to touch it if it were so. What I saw there, besides the sparkling crystals of the sand, were sea shells in bright colors scattered near my feet.

We could see many parts of the island by Cidomo.
We could see many parts of the island by Cidomo. | Source

If snorkeling or diving is not one's cup of tea, enjoying Trawangan colorful corals and fish still can be done in simple way by combing the shallow waters, some kinds of fish tame enough to come closer so that they can be seen with naked eyes. Another way to enjoy those pretty sea creatures is by renting a glass bottom boat which enables us to go farther to the sea and have more possibilities in what can be enjoyed and done.

A view on Gili Trawangan island.
A view on Gili Trawangan island. | Source

It wasn't less attractive enjoying Gili Trawangan on land. No motorized vehicle is allowed to operate on the island, so we have to go anywhere we want to reach either on foot, by bicycles which are many available for rent there, or by traditional transport called Cidomo. Cidomo stands for Cikar-dokar-mobil which is actually a horse-drawn carriage wiith 4 seaters including the coachman. Going around Trawangan by Cidomo was very fun and we could enjoy the scenery from all directions. It took around 2 hours to circle the island completely by cidomo.

Cidomo riding
Cidomo riding | Source
Sengigi beach. Some fishermen waited for the fishing boat to arrive at the beach.
Sengigi beach. Some fishermen waited for the fishing boat to arrive at the beach. | Source
Fishermen hand-in-hand pulled their catch to the shore.
Fishermen hand-in-hand pulled their catch to the shore.

Senggigi Beach.

Lombok island is encircled by some beaches and one of them is Senggigi beach. As a tourism area Senggigi has become a very developed compared to other beaches, I noticed many hotels, resorts, Inns, and guest houses along the street which is in parallel position with the beach.

I have to admit that Senggigi areas are stunning, particularly the beach. I've been to many places and have seen so many beaches in my entire life but when I was in Senggigi I found the beach as superb. The indulging beach is purely natural with white clean unspoilt sand along the shorelines. Most of them have gently sloping surfaces so that they allow visitors to do beach activities comfortably.

Here is their catch. Being poisonous,  puffer fish was selected to be sent back to the sea.
Here is their catch. Being poisonous, puffer fish was selected to be sent back to the sea. | Source

Besides its awesome beach, Senggigi can also be enjoyed from other sides. There are many activities people do at and around Senggigi not only fun-marine activities like surfing, swimming, skiing, or beach combing which have become common views of a beach but also local people's activities in in their efforts to make a living.

I was introduced with new experience in my life when I spotted something unusual when I found around 30 fishermen, male and female, sat relaxedly on the beach sand. I thought they were just regular souvenir sellers waiting for customers, but then I eventually found out that they were waiting for a coming boat pulling fishing net with the day's catch in it. The net was too heavy to be carried on their shoulders that's why those fishermen had to work hand-in-hand pulling the net to the beach. They did the pulling step by step due to its heaviness and took around 1 hour to drag and completely reached the seashore.

After the net had been unraveled, they selected some items that seemed to be not salable like some puffer fish and returned them to the sea.

Sindang Gile seen from Pondok Senaru.
Sindang Gile seen from Pondok Senaru. | Source

Sendang Gile-Tiu Kelep-Batara Lejang.

Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep and Batara Lejang are waterfalls situated at Senaru village. To reach those water falls we went to Senaru by a rental car for about 30 minutes to west direction. To enter the waterfall area, visitors must buy tickets which the price is pretty affordable and hire a guide if necessary.

First we headed to Sendang Gile. We had to pass a lot of convenient down stairs and we'd never thought that later on our way back they became incline steps which gave us physical test and pushed us to be out of breaths.

Sendang Gile waterfall is around 35 meters high and gets its water from a source in Rinjani mountain above it.

A  challenging journey to Tiu Kelep.
A challenging journey to Tiu Kelep. | Source
Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Some believe bathing with  the water  gives benefits in keeping ones youthfulness.
Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Some believe bathing with the water gives benefits in keeping ones youthfulness. | Source

Tiu Kelep was the second waterfall we visited after Sindang Gile. Tiu Kelep is located around 5 km away from Sindang Gile and has to be reached through some obstacles including steep routes, green, shady forest, and slippery river stones (I once fell and "kissed" one of those mossy rocks and lost my balance and got another TKO-lol when I tried to pass a fallen log).

The effort was paid off anyway when we managed to reach it and enjoyed the breathtaking view of Tiu Kelep. I saw some people couldn't stand the droplets of water and the freshness it created and decided to swim the cold water and tested the messaging effects of the showering water. Some also believed in a local myth that bathing themselves in the water would make them stay young.

I was sorry that I couldn't continue to visit the third waterfall (Batara Lejang ) because some team members were worn out and we thought going back to Senaru was the best decision.

Location of Lombok.

A markerlombok indonesia -
Lombok, Indonesia
get directions


There are some native souvenirs people can bring home from Lombok.

They can be bought at some shops at Cilinaya and Cakranegara, a commercial center in Mataram.

  • Seaweed jelly. It's tasty, healthful and originally made in Lombok.
  • Sumbawan honey, well known-original honey produced in Lombok. Found in two colors: brownish-yellowish honey, the nectar is taken from forest, and white honey resulted from bees living around sea rocks.
  • Sumbawan ointment for curing fatigue and sprained ankles.
  • Pearl rings and necklaces, the pearls are harvested from cultivation in Lombok sea.
  • Sumbawan woven textiles. It is the most sought after for its beauty, intricacy in the making and and attractive as clothes as well as decorations.


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      agusfanani 5 years ago from Indonesia


      Thank you for your pleasing comments. Although writing about religion is not my area, but I think that's a good idea to write about and I really appreciate it.

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      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Wonderful work. I appreciate your efforts. Also, please write on the Hindu culture, its root etc on your land.

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 5 years ago from Indonesia

      Hi Prasetio30.

      Thank you for your kindness. You're right about Lombok, it's beautiful and has many beautiful places. Thank you brother.

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      prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Beautiful, brother. You always came up with something great about Indonesia. Lombok is one of the most beautiful for travel destination. I really all the pictures. Good job and voted up!

      Big hug, Prasetio

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      Hello dilipchandra12.

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      Awesome hub, i like the pics also.

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      Hello Peggy W. I'm always honored to have your visit and comments. Thank you very much for giving your nice comments and giving many up votes to this hub.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thanks for introducing those of us who live far away to this glorious sounding place of Lombok. Really enjoyed your photos and hearing about it. I was also interested to know that one island had travel restricted to walking, biking or by horse drawn carriages. It is the same on Mackinac Island up in Michigan. I wrote about that in several hubs. It would be so peaceful to experience something like that! Those waterfalls look so pretty and watching fishermen pulling in their nets by hand would have been interesting to see. Many up votes...and sharing.

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 5 years ago from Indonesia

      @Claudia Tello: Hello Claudia, I'm very glad to read your comments and your opinions about Lombok. Thank you very much for reading and I'll visit your hubs too.

      @Pavlo Badovskyy: Thank you very much for dropping by. Yes, I want to visit the island again if I have the opportunity since there are still many places I want to visit there.

    • Pavlo Badovskyy profile image

      Pavlo Badovskyi 5 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

      I bet 3 days is not enough even for a glimse.. I would stay there for a longer time, if I could...:)

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      I totally agree with you: Lombok is a beautiful place to visit with very kind and friendly people. I visited Gili Trawangan, Bali and Lombok and have nothing but nice things to say about each and every one of them. I also wrote a few hubs to share my experience and lovely adventures in Indonesia.

      Beautiful opening picture by the way :)