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Four Of The Best Restaurants In Pittsburgh

Updated on April 25, 2013

The best pancakes in Pittsburgh!


As someone who's eaten a lot, I feel like it is my public duty to make the rest of the world aware of where the tastiest morsels are hiding away. I've eaten in places all over Pittsburgh. I've visited all sorts of Chinese and Thai places, dozens of pizza shops, more Mexican restaurants than I knew existed and anywhere that sells cake.

This is my list of where to go in Pittsburgh either on a limited time-frame or if you are a local. There are great places hiding all over the city, and here are my chosen few:

1: Dor-Stop Restaurant


It might be an unassuming little place from the outside, but its food will have you coming back for more every time you crave some classic brunch food. The Dor-Stop Restaurant is located in Dormont, a 20 minute T ride from downtown Pittsburgh. It's a classic diner, and offers all the things you would expect: pancakes, sandwiches, omlettes, you name it.

The Dor-Stop is a cut above most of the diners I've visited, though. Their daily specials are a thing to look forward to, ranging from creative new pancake flavors to holiday-themed meals for Lent or St Paddy's Day.

The real reason why Dor-Stop makes it onto the list of places you have to visit is its pancakes. Trust me when I say I have eaten a lot of pancakes at a lot of different places. The Dor-Stop is hands down the best when it comes to pancakes! My favorite are the Banana-Walnut pancakes, but all of them are thick, fluffy and generously filled with any filling from their long list of options.

The Dor-Stop restaurant has also been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. If Guy Fiori likes it, it's definitely worth a visit.

Dor-Stop Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

2: Primanti Bros.


Did you notice anything unusual about that sandwich? Nope? Go back and take another look. That's right. Those are french fries you see in there.

Primanti Bros was one of the first places in Pittsburgh my husband took me to when I moved here, and I was really turned off by the idea of french fries in a sandwich. Yeah. That was before I tasted it. It'll change your life.

You'll find these restaurants in various locations throughout Pittsburgh and anyone who lives in the area will surely have heard of Primanti Bros. For anyone stopping by, this is the quintessential place to go to get a taste of Pittsburgh. Where else can you get fries on a sandwich?

My personal recommendation for first-timers is the Roast Beef and Cheese sandwich, but you won't be disappointed with anything you get.

3: Cafe on the Strip


If you are craving Italian fare, Cafe on the Strip is hands down the best place I have visited. It doesn't look much like an Italian restaurant from the outside, and in fact my husband and I first stumbled across it accidentally thinking it was a breakfast place.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Cafe on the Strip takes a fresh, traditional approach to Italian fare. Their pizzas are fresh an authentic as opposed to heavy and greasy, and I was overwhelmed on my first visit by how delicious they were. Another top recommendation is the Italian Sausage Sandwich, which is among the best sandwiches I have ever eaten, hands down.

Another perk is the homemade wine, which is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend giving Cafe on the Strip a go whenever you are down in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

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4: S&D Polish Deli


I may be biased because I used to live in the Czech Republic, but I absolutely love Polish food! Czech cuisine is similar, and it is great to see some of my favorites available in Pittsburgh.

A cross between a restaurant and a deli, S&D Polish Deli is located in the Strip District and it serves some of the cheapest, tastiest food around. It's by no means fancy. You'll order and be served through a little hatch and sit at the plastic tables to eat from paper plates.

Why does it get a spot in my top places to visit in Pittsburgh? Go there and you will find out! The food is entirely home made and authentic, and it's totally satisfying if you're craving something hot and hearty. I challenge you to find better pierogies or stuffed cabbage in the entire city, and the tempting selection of Polish dishes come in perfectly filling portions.

An added bonus is that, while waiting for your lunch, you can browse through the interesting selection of Polish goods sold in the store and deli.

Does anyone else have a favorite Pittsburgh restaurant? Feel free to share!


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