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Five Things to Do in a Boring City

Updated on June 1, 2013

My Face When I'm Back for School

This is probably what my face looks like when I get off the plane and take my first step on the soil of my itty bitty town.
This is probably what my face looks like when I get off the plane and take my first step on the soil of my itty bitty town. | Source

A Family Guy Picnic

All kudos given to the Fox team for this hilarious show! I've always wanted to have a picnic with my favorite animated family. Wouldn't you?
All kudos given to the Fox team for this hilarious show! I've always wanted to have a picnic with my favorite animated family. Wouldn't you? | Source

Tiny Towns Frustrate Me

If any of you are like me, living in a small town can be irritating. It seems like there's never anything to do, and most shops close by 6 in the evening. As most college students will agree, our bedtimes range from 11-5 in the evening and morning, respectively. So what's a kid to do after 6? Unless you want to hang out at the local Walmart, which is the only 24 hour place in town besides McDonalds, you are out of luck! Here are a few ideas/ways to forget your small town woes.

1.) Find a park

Every town has a park. At least, every town I've visited. So grab a picnic basket and head on out! When I think about picnics, two phrases come to mind: "Eat, drink, and be merry" and "The more the merrier." While the drinking part is a little iffy (as far as I know, drinking is illegal in most parks), the rest of the phrases ring true. Picnics can be whimsical and romantic when it is just you and your better half. When you get 5 or more people together, it's a real riot! Not in a let's-throw-flaming-bottles-at-cars way, but in a we-should-do-this-every-week riot.

2.) Have a scary movie marathon

Alright, it doesn't really have to be a scary movie marathon. Let's face it though, everyone likes a good scare now and then! During my first semester, two of my friends and I decided we wanted to have a Resident Evil marathon. Knowing that it was a series of movies, we decided to do it on a weekend when we didn't have to worry about going to classes. After buying the movies, news of what we had planned spread to the rest of our hall. That Saturday, 10 of our other friends joined us in my dorm for what had to have been my favorite day of the semester. Despite watching scary movies, my friends and I laughed almost the entire way through. It was a great way to forget about small town living, while not breaking the bank!

Tip: An even cheaper option is to rent your movies!

3.) Be outdoorsy!

Now, this one is not absolute for me. I hate the outdoors. I'm just a city girl, who has a serious addiction to Grey's Anatomy. However, I know for a fact that getting a group of people together for a game of volleyball has the potential to be a fun time. While I don't recommend this in the winter, especially since we had a foot and a half of snow last year, spontaneous snowball fights can be fun too! Maybe it's the endorphins that rush through a person's system during exercise, or maybe it's just because you are hanging out with a group of friends you love. Regardless, it's fun to do competitive things with your friends!

Choose Your Weapon!

All you need to engage in bubble war!
All you need to engage in bubble war! | Source

4.) Bubble wars!

Childish? Nope. Something fun for college students? Absolutely! All you need is liquid dish soap, water, and a container to put them in. You can make bubbles from bubble wands, straws, hula hoops, the occasional fork, and your nose! The biggest bubbles (read: the BEST bubbles) you can make are from the hula hoops. If you want to make those though, a kiddie pool is probably the best "container" for the liquid soap and water. Plus, you get to buy a kiddie pool. Who doesn't want one of those? Engaging in a bubble war is something that requires mass amounts of people to be entertaining. By mass though, I mean more than 3 people. Or, your most hilarious friend and a YouTube account so you can record all of your funny shenanigans. Who knows? You could get a million views! Want a bonus activity to go with bubble wars? Water balloon fight. Things could get messy! Or clean, depending on how full your glass is.

Tip: Interested in doubling the fun/adult factor? I haven't tried this yet, but adding dye to different containers of bubbles and wearing white could be just as amazing as doing a color run!

5.) Stargazing

This is a night/very early morning activity, obviously. Since the shops close early and there really isn't anything else to do (besides the aforementioned activities, of course), there isn't anything holding you back! Technically, this is the most versatile of activities on this list because stargazing can be done by yourself, with another person, or with multiple people. In my town, there is a place called "The Train Bridge", which is exactly what it sounds like. There's a bridge and a train that runs over the tracks on the bridge. Plenty of stargazing to be had by the college students in my town. It has even become a rite of passage for all freshmen and sophomore students. If you haven't been stargazing, it's an eye opening experience (please excuse the bad pun). Seeing with the naked eye, how large the universe is and understanding our own small part in it is exciting and scary all at once. Depending on how your evening goes, it might even prompt discussions about alien life, which is bound to be...interesting, to say the least.


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