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Five Special Summer Dates in Budapest

Updated on July 15, 2017
  • Many of us don’t have time to plan an exciting date in order to impress our partners.
  • We all have times when we just need to get something special from our loved one. Why? Because it is a good feeling, to have a day that is not like an ordinary day. It is something more, something new, something different.
  • If you're staying in Budapest for the summer break where you can go for your first date?

5 good places that are good for dates in Budapest

  1. János Hill, Elizabeth Lookout Tower

  2. Turkish bath of Veli Bej

  3. Chocolate tour in the Museum of Chocolates

  4. Horserace with a wild woman

  5. Candlelight dinner in the nostalgy train

1. Janos Hill - Elizabeth Lookout Tower

Elizabeth Lookout Tower
Elizabeth Lookout Tower | Source

Do you know where the highest point of Budapest is? It's good to know Budapest doesn't have a high elevation, but you can enjoy a great view from Buda Hills, especially from Janos Hill (János-hegy). Its elevation is 526 meters and on the top stands an old observatory: Elizabeth Lookout Tower (Erzsébet-kilátó).

If you want to go somewhere with your love for a whole day, that could be your place. The tower is historical, the area is woody and if you need a short break you can sit the Cafe inside the tower. It’s an ideal place for a romantic date, especially due to its historic atmosphere.

Special view about Elisabeth Lookout Tower

And it will be a challenge too. 101 steps lead up to its highest observatory, which is 23.5 meters high and you can see as far as 80 kilometers away. The landscape gives a new perspective not just on Budapest, even more on Hungary.

And I have a tip for you: you can go there simply with a taxi or by bus, but you can try the Children's Railway too, which starts from the Széchenyi-hegy Station and slowly winds around the hillside. Did you know that schoolchildren fill in different positions on the train and it is mostly run by them?

Where is the Elisabeth Lookout Tower?

A markerElizabeth Lookout Tower -
Budapest, Erzsébet kilátó út, 1121 Magyarország
get directions

2. Turkish Bath of Veli Bej

If you would like to stay within the Turkish culture, you should really go to the Budai Irgalmasrendi Hospital bath, which is just ten minutes from the Tomb of Gül Baba. (Unfortunately it's renovated, but you can climb the Gül Baba street, which is one of the steepest street in the city.)

Here you can find the Turkish bath of Veli Bej. In the Turkish bath there is one big pool and four small pools with different temperatures.

Where is the Turkish bath of Veli Bej?

A markerÁrpád fejedelem útja 7 -
Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 7, 1023 Magyarország
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If you wish to get closer to each other at your accommodation, you could watch some films about the time of the Turkish occupation. The Ottoman Turks occupied the central portion of the Kingdom of Hungary, including Budapest for more than 150 years (from 1541 to 1699).

Turkish bath of Veli Bej
Turkish bath of Veli Bej | Source

3. Chocolate tour in the Museum of Chocolates

For those, who like earthly pleasures, a perfect choice is a visit to the Museum of Chocolates. You need to make an appointment beforehand. One would never think how different real chocolate is from the ones sold in the stores. Tasting original pralines will eliberate a lot of endorphin, and everything will look more sweet.

Before visiting a museum please call them for an appointment: +3630 822 1881

Museum of Chocolates
Museum of Chocolates | Source

One special thing about this Museum is that they paid attention to both its interior and exterior: the ruined building became a bright castle step by step.

In the interior you can see authentic furniture and objects from different times of chocolate history. The renovation lasted many years and during this time they did up the Park and restored the wrought-iron Gate.

What is best in the museum: the flow of the smell that hits our nose right from the entry, not mentioning the chocolate fountain, where you can taste the "food of Gods". Besides the Valentine’s Day Tour, I also recommend the "Prince Tour" which is very similar to the "Parliné program".

Guests are welcomed by the fully packed table at the Rákóczi Lovagétterem where you can choose from different tea and chocolate specialties, and the phenomenal hot cake made there. You will of course have a chance to make your own chocolate, the central element of the tour, after which you can take a seat with your own chocolate at the filmmuseum to watch a film on the history of chocolate. Do not worry: the hosts will supply you with chocolate while you watch the film.

Where is the Museum of Chocolates?

A marker1162 Budapest, Bekecs u.22. -
Budapest, Bekecs u. 22, 1162 Magyarország
get directions

4. Horserace with a wild woman

Besides the romantic woman, there are of course those who are more adventurous and need something wilder.

The horse track (Ügető) is open all year long and provides enough excitement for the spectators. A cold drink, or even a spritzer, can make the hot weather less chilling. The excitement of the race will warm up our blood as well.

Kincsem Park is a major horse racing venue in Budapest.
Kincsem Park is a major horse racing venue in Budapest. | Source

Just for fun you may also want to bet, of course in small amounts. The amount of the bet can be as low as one hundred forints.

You can check here the horserace table.

Where is The Kincsem Park?

A marker1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 2-4. -
Budapest, Albertirsai út 2, 1101 Magyarország
get directions

5. Candlelight dinner on the nostalgy train

Can help us break out from the ordinary days. In the old days life was slower- and with the nostalgy train we can experience life slowing down. Moreover we can have dinner where live music is provided.

The Candlelight Expressz is a luxury train with a salon and a dinner wagon. This tour in the past lasts three hours and departs from Nyugati Railway Station.

Nostalgy train in Budapest
Nostalgy train in Budapest | Source

The train’s atmosphere and the furniture is of the beginning of the 1900’s. Of course the train travels continuously, and makes the impression of an endless journey.

The setting is perfect for making important announcements, is romantic in all of its details while the monotonous noise of the train symbolises the passing of life and the roads we share.

You can find the contact details and the prices here.


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    • mrfosterbudapest profile image

      Mr Foster 7 months ago from Budapest

      I hope you'll come back again soon! Budapest is a friendly, open city where you can just go with its vibrant flow and feel like you're home wherever you came from. You just need to let your hair down and the city will be responding to you.

    • Lindsay Langstaff profile image

      Lindsay Langstaff 7 months ago

      Beautiful! I should have visited some of these when I went to Budapest.