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Five star resorts in India

Updated on December 5, 2016

Spa resort

Vijan Mahal Spa Complex
Vijan Mahal Spa Complex | Source

Resorts in India

In the earlier times whence resorts conformed to a strict definition - nice green place in picturesque settings along side water. This concept has expanded far beyond the traditional accommodations at hills, beaches and nature preserves. Same applies to spas which were basically near mineral water sources in the mountains.

The paradigm has shifted and modern resorts and spas - some of them all in one - are major entertainment and health centres. The luxury accommodation may be central to the property. Enhanced by some fine dining restaurants manned by acclaimed cooks. The big resorts provide a holistic experience to the vacationer. India does not lag behind in luxury resorts any more.

The world class health spas are well equipped centres with gymnasium and massage facilities. Some of the properties offer various kinds of therapies and treatments. They contain pools for exercise and water therapies. Jacuzzi and sauna bath integrated within the system to deliver health benefits.

Nahargarh Fortress

5 star resort
5 star resort | Source

Jungle Resort

Resort at Pench
Resort at Pench | Source

Classification of Hotels in India

Classification of hotels is done by Hotel and Restaurant Association Classification Committee (HRACC) it is under the purview of Ministry of Tourism, India.
The rating is carried out on the basis of prerequisite and licensing. Since the Association of Hotels is member of HRACC, it participates actively in classification/inspection of star hotels and heritage properties.

The star/heritage status is approved for hotels that provide modern amenities, contain active safety equipment, fire protection tools and vehicle. The heritage hotel/resort should have been established before 1950.

Most of the forts, havelis, palaces owned by the Maharajahs in India have been converted to hotels and resorts. These properties carry with them emblems of cultural richness that the royals adorned in their fantastic abodes.

As compared five star hotels are modern properties situated in the confines of metros albeit in scenic localities. Many properties are a combination of urban hotel, spa and resort.

The properties should have acquired all local licenses as well. The rating system varies from country to country.

For more information read Guidelines for classification of hotels

Bundela Safari Camp

5 Star Camp
5 Star Camp | Source

Resort Photo


Resort Photos

Sit Out Near Pool
Sit Out Near Pool | Source
Luxury Cottages
Luxury Cottages

Vijan Mahal Restaurant

Restaurant in Jabalpur
Restaurant in Jabalpur | Source


feast at Vijan Mahal
feast at Vijan Mahal | Source


Sundae | Source

Gastronomic Delights

For wellness healthy foods and juices are served for clients undergoing the treatments. These are part of daily intake for various therapies. Greater emphasis accorded to organically cultivated fruits and vegetables.

No recreational resort can be acclaimed without food courts or fine dining that excel. Many resorts have introduced International Cuisine in India. Fast Food Courts, 24/7 Coffee Shops, Fine Dining Restaurants, Barbecue & Grills all enliven the resort offerings to their guests.

The Bar is another exquisite feature of the resorts. It serves the finest in liquor, cocktails and mock tails along with some lip smacking accompaniments or finger foods.

The coffee shop open all day and night offer ideal venues for relaxation and small business meets. The rejuvenating mix of coffee recipes are accompanied by mini meals for late eaters and new arrivals.

Oberoi Resort

Five Star Resort
Five Star Resort | Source

Pool at Vijan Mahal

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool | Source

Modern Spa

Mud Pack
Mud Pack | Source

Modern Spas

Unlike old spas at water, a modern spa is well equipped gymnasium and treatment facility. The most popular massages and treatments are based on ancient Indian science of healing called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a holistic science and the therapies include massages, health foods and medicine based on this holistic science. A strict diet regimen is also imposed on those undergoing treatment for long duration. The medicines are derived from herbal extracts, plants and minerals The animal extracts are rarely used or not used at all..

Medicated oils are used during the massage. These are oils infused with Ayurveda medicines and embalmed on the clients at specific temperature and at desired part of the body.

These properties are popular for their therapies based on ozone and hydro soak. The treatments provide succour to aching muscles and rejuvenate the whole system. Each and every external part of the body is applied a healing touch. Luxury resorts can be expensive but many offer package deals that makes the membership affordable.

The gymnasium and pools are part of the set up. Many therapies make use of equipment and water facilities.

The ambience and music are part of the therapy as they provide soothing effect and ideal grounds for meditation. The surroundings play a major role in providing a healing touch.

Wildlife Resort at Kanha

Courtyard Hose Resort Kanha
Courtyard Hose Resort Kanha | Source

Resort Photos

Pool View
Pool View | Source
Tiger Lagoon Bandhavgarh
Tiger Lagoon Bandhavgarh | Source

More About Resorts

Resorts are composite units in modern times and practically work as five star hotels and more. The large expanse and picturesque settings make the resorts exotic and appealing. They are not having a stifled existence in a crowded metropolis as many five star hotels do.

The picturesque settings and wide expanse makes luxury resorts ideal for weddings, celebrity parties and corporate functions as well. They contain have practically everything for entertainment and event management.

The best wildlife resorts at tiger reserves and National Parks are fully equipped for eco tourism. They have wildlife interpretation centres and trained naturalist to conduct tiger safaris in the nature preserves.

Similarly beach resorts are well equipped with equipment and apparels for bathing and water sports. Some beach resorts have their own private beach.

The ski resorts specialise in skiing as sport and have trainers in their staff. These are the people who introduce new comers to skiing.

Resort Photo

Luxury Resort  at Jabalpur
Luxury Resort at Jabalpur | Source

Resort Weddings

Resort Weddings have come into vogue all over the World. These are ceremonies of the rich who can afford such expensive luxuries. The functions have a special romantic glamour and serene setting though the wedding itself may be a loud affair. The exotic locale adds special charm to the venues.

These destination venues provide a virtual holiday experience to the invitees as the ceremonies go on. The hosts stand proud having arranged dream wedding and a gala reception.

India is becoming a popular wedding destination more so for Hindu ceremonies. The glare and the glitter of colourful marriages attracts couples from far and wide. Most of the venues are upscale resorts that organise a complete packaged event for the couple including the honeymoon nights and guest accommodations.

All over the World wedding resorts are the most expensive. These are five star structures that are based in cool scenic destinations and not amidst the city. Most of these properties specialise in theme weddings and parties organised by the celebrities and the wealthy.

Irai Safari Retreat at Tadoba

Five Star Jungle Retreat
Five Star Jungle Retreat | Source

Luxury Concepts

The resort with spa concept has flourished, and is growing day by day. Many such properties are in picturesque settings near major towns but not necessarily near natural places of beauty. The properties are often situated near metro with populace that has big purchasing power. These are used as quick weekend gateways or hide outs by the rich jet sets.

Modern properties are multipurpose that conduct event management for many functions, theme parties, corporate get together like seminars and product launches. Of late it has become a tradition among corporate to hold conferences, seminars and product launches at luxury resorts.

There are many 5 star resorts in India that offer holiday accommodation, and entertainment. They have magnificent decor, offer super luxury accommodation, delectable cuisine and fantastic outdoor activities.

These exotic recreation centres are ideally suited as reception venues for the celebrity and the rich. As fun place for holiday makers the boutique resorts attract tourists from near by towns as well as from far of places.

Taj Kothi Bandhavgarh

Taj Resort
Taj Resort | Source

Resort Weddings

Photo Conference Hall Vijan Mahal JPB

Conference Hall
Conference Hall | Source

Business Facilities

Conference Seating
Conference Seating | Source
Dais | Source

Conference Halls & Board Rooms

Conference halls and board rooms are integral part of five star resorts. These are ideal venues for large gatherings, business meets, seminars and product launch. The venues are well equipped with gadgets ascribing to latest technology. The top ones are capable pf delivering the best in audio and visual effects. Space and exquisite sitting arrangement is a prerequisite.

For smaller gatherings board rooms act as ideal business venues. They are well equipped with quality audio visual gadgets and round table and chairs. The comfort level is as good as in the conference halls. The plush surroundings, climate control and audio barrier creates a fitting ambience for business discussions.

Green Resorts

Solar Panel at A Resort

Green Resort View
Green Resort View | Source

Going Green

Although most of the resorts were friendly with nature more and more impetus is being given on this aspect. The use of alternative energy, restriction on size, sensible use of natural resources like water and wood, kitchen garden all these lead to less carbon footprints making an impact on our Earth.

There are many ways a property can be made eco-friendly. Constant effort is required to upgrade properties in a manner that they reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make maximum use of solar energy.

Some Popular Resorts

Below are listed India's front end resorts that are owned by large chain of hotels. The ever growing hospitality industry is establishing new ventures at places emerging in tourism.

  • Vijan Mahal Jabalpur
  • Orange County at Kabini
  • Madhubhan Resorts & Spa Gujarat
  • Span Resort - Manali
  • The Leela Goa
  • Goa Marriott Resort & Spa
  • Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg
  • Taj Exotica Goa
  • Shervani Hilltop - Nainital
  • Radisson Hotel Shimla
  • Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar
  • Kumarakom Lake Resort
  • Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

Scenic Lodge

Green Lodge View
Green Lodge View | Source

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