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Five trendy restaurants in Paris

Updated on November 19, 2010

Trendy restaurants in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, with a lot of really great restaurants and wine.

Here is a small list of great restaurants i found out during several trips:


Very nice classic restaurant, very formal, with great ambiance. The food is very sofisticated, and very good. 

Pershing Hall Restaurant

Great decorated rooms, with a vertical garden in the main room. Great food.


Alain Ducasse SPOON in Paris. Very modern and trendy, great nouvelle cuisine food, with a lot of dishes you have never heard about before. Try the chocolate pizza!

La Tour d´Argent

Very classic, great view and great food. 


Very trendy and modern, very colorful ambiance, very good service and fusion food. Great view over the city.

So if you are going to Paris have a great trip and eat well! 


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