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Flight Options from Los Angeles to Dublin Ireland With Just One Stopover

Updated on April 25, 2017

Update: Aer Lingus has resumed direct Los Angeles to Dublin flights. Direct flights depart four days a week

I travel from time to time to Dublin, Ireland. Since Aer Lingus stopped it's direct Los Angeles to Dublin flight getting there has become trickier. Unfortunately, there is no longer a direct flight to Dublin or Shannon Ireland with any airline. Aer Lingus may be resuming it's direct LA to Dublin flights at some point in the future.

The following is a list of other airlines that go to Dublin with no more than one stopover on the way. You can still book flights to Dublin from Los Angeles through the Aer Lingus website. Either JetBlue or United Airlines will take you from LAX, Long Beach or Burbank to Chicago (ORD), Boston (BOS) or New York (JFK). However, if you use Aer Lingus or another US carrier you may or may not be able to check your luggage all the way from Dublin to LAX on your return flight. You would have to go through US Immigration in Ireland first to be able to do that.

Find a list of airlines that offer flights to Dublin, Ireland
Find a list of airlines that offer flights to Dublin, Ireland

American Carriers

Several US airlines fly to Dublin (DUB) and Shannon airports (SNN). These can often be the cheapest option to Dublin. There are two things to consider when flying on a US carrier versus a European carrier. All US flights from LAX to Dublin require a stopover in another US city. All travelers to the US must claim all luggage at their port of entry and recheck it. Your luggage will not be checked all the way to Los Angeles. If you are traveling with small children or are an older person traveling alone, this will be a huge inconvenience.

Secondly, if you have young children European airlines may be more family friendly. I flew to Ireland on Delta Airlines with an infant a couple of years ago and was surprised that they didn't provide a cot for her. European carriers I have traveled with always had cots for infants. I was told by Delta that they don't provide cots on all of their international flights. If you are flying with an infant and would like a cot, call the airline in advance to verify that they will have one available.

American Airlines
American Airlines will have at least one stopover, usually in Chicago's O' Hare Airport.
Continental Airlines
You can expect one stopover in either Chicago or Newark, NJ.
Delta Airlines
You will have a stopover in either Atlanta or New York's JFK
US Airways
You can expect a stopover in Philadelphia.

European and Other International Flights

If you would like to avoid claiming and rechecking luggage before arriving in Los Angeles, you should look into other airlines. Flights to Heathrow don't require this, so you can have your luggage checked all the way to Dublin. You can fly to other European cities as well and get flights to Dublin. You should check with the airlines to find out if you can check your luggage all the way to Los Angeles on your return flight. British Airways may be the cheapest option but check all listed airlines to find the best price.

British Airways
London Heathrow with a connecting flight to Dublin. The flight to Dublin is approximately one hour
British Midlands
Flights booked through British Midland's website use several carriers including Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines. The London Heathrow to Dublin flight is operated by British Midlands.
Virgin Atlantic
London Heathrow with a connecting flight to Dublin
Air Canada
Air Canada flies directly to London Heathrow from Los Angeles. British Midlands operates the connecting flight to Dublin.
Air France
Flies direct from LAX to Paris. You will probably have a 2-3 hour stopover in Charles De Gaulle airport before flying to Dublin. While it may be frustrating to fly past Ireland and then fly back, Air France can be an affordable option
these flights go directly from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany and then Frankfurt to Dublin.
Air New Zealand
You can't book a flight directly to Dublin with Air New Zealand but you can use either the British Midlands website or, which has a connecting Aer Lingus flight to Dublin

Finding Flights

You can use websites like, and to find all available options, as well as checking the websites of the various airlines. Travel websites will provide you with many options and make it easy to compare price. These sites make it easy to find the cheapest flight option.

Hopefully, the above information will offer you some guidance as you try to figure out how to get to Dublin from LAX. Plenty of flights go to Ireland from Los Angeles but each involves some inconvenience on the part of travelers.


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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 6 years ago

      Great hub! Thanks for the excellent information. I was unaware of the luggage restrictions. When I plan my next trip I will use your tips....thanks again.