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Fly from Houston to Singapore SQ61

Updated on July 19, 2015
Singapore Speakers' Corner park
Singapore Speakers' Corner park | Source

Instructions for your flight from Houston to Singapore

Use these instructions for anyone who is flying alone or who may not be experienced in traveling.

Go online with Singaporeair and register for KrisFlyer. You will be able to link your Continental OnePass account if you have one. Registering with KrisFlyer will allow you to designate which seat you want based on what is available once you have your flight booked.

Get flight details from your travel agent..

Once you have a flight confirmed, go online with Singaporeair and check in. Choose your seat.

Get to the Houston IAH airport well in advance of your flight.

You will go to the departure terminal D (or check you flight details if you have a different flight).

Check-in Houston: Go to the check-in line for your airline. Hand the counter agent your passport and ticket info page. She will weigh your luggage (limit is 50lbs per bag, maximum of two bags with one for carry-on). She will hand you a boarding pass and stickers attached for each luggage you check in.

TSA screening: Follow the signs for “departure” or “gate.”

The agent at the entrance of the TSA screening line will need to see your passport and boarding pass.

You will walk through the maze and wait in line for another TSA agent to direct you into the x-ray screening area. That agent will also want to see your passport and boarding pass.

When you get to the x-ray machine, remove your shoes, belt, and watch, anything metal and place them in a plastic tray. Empty the contents of your pockets into a tray and if you are carrying a laptop place the computer in a separate tray. Walk through the metal detector and collect your items from the x-ray machine. Once the x-ray is complete you may collect your items from the tray and proceed up the escalator to your gate which is printed on your boarding pass.

At the top of the escalator there will be flat screens showing your flight number and what gate you need to find. Singapore Air is usually D11 which is up the escalator and to the right.

When you get to your gate there is no need to see the attendant because you already have your boarding pass. Wait until they call for “boarding all passengers”.

Boarding Houston: They might call out row numbers if you have a full flight. They might call “boarding rows 50 to 55 first”. Wait for your row number to be called before boarding the plane. When you board the plane several attendants will want to see your passport and boarding pass.

Take off.

Arrival in Moscow: Once you land in Moscow you will leave your seat and bring your entire hand carry luggage with you when you exit the plane. In the arrival hallway will be an attendant asking anyone if they will be “traveling to Singapore” or “transit passenger to Singapore”. She will give you a plastic card. Hold onto it with your passport and original boarding pass you received in Houston. Follow the signs in Moscow that say “Transit”. You will be lead through a long hallway and then up an escalator. At the top of that escalator is the entrance to the transit area. The line for that entrance will stretch out far if you are not one of the first to arrive to the line. The first attendant at this line will want to see your passport, transit plastic card, and the original boarding pass you received from Houston. After presenting those items, she will mark your seat number down then you are allowed to proceed to the x-ray screening.

X-ray Moscow: Follow the same procedure as in Houston. Remove the contents of your pockets, belt, shows, watch and anything metal and place in a tray. If you have a laptop, place it in a separate tray. Once your bags and trays go through the x-ray, you will walk through the metal detector. In Moscow they will pat you down.

Immigration Moscow: Immediately after collecting your items from the x-ray machine you will need to present your passport, boarding pass and transit card to the immigration officer. He will verify your passport and open the door for you to exit the screening area.

Departure Hall Moscow: When you have entered into the departure hall at the Moscow airport you only have a few minutes before the Singapore Air flight will be boarding. Look at the flats screens hanging from the ceiling to see if your flight shows “boarding” and find out which gate number you need to go to. If you would like to buy something to drink or a souvenir do it quickly. The shops take credit cards or US dollars. They will give you change in US dollar.

When you hear “boarding Singapore flight SQxx, please proceed to your gate” then go into the gate area. You will need to present your passport, transit card and boarding pass to enter the gate. Once you board the plane you will be directed to your previous seat.

Take off Moscow: During the last hour before landing in Singapore, the attendant will ask if you are “Departing in Singapore,” meaning Singapore is your last stop and you will be exiting the airport. Tell them yes and they will hand you a long form called a “Disembarkation Form.” Fill out the form while you are in the plane waiting for landing. You will print the details from your passport. You will need the address of your hotel as a “place of residence in Singapore.” You will need this form for later to give to the immigration officer when you arrive in the airport and before you collect your luggage.

Arrival in Singapore: When you land in Singapore you will exit the plane and if you are continuing your journey to Indonesia or another country find the information monitors along the corridor to find out what your connecting flight number and gate will be. There will also be someone as you exit the plane to help you find your connecting transit flight to get you to your next destination.

If you are disembarking to Singapore, look for the signs saying “Arrival” “Immigration” or “Baggage Claim.” This will lead you to a escalator going down into a large hall called Immigration. If you didn't receive an Disembarkation Form from the flight, you can pick up a blank one here on the side tables and fill it out before entering the immigration line.

Immigration Singapore: When you have you form completed, stand in line and wait behind the line until an immigration officer asks you to come to the counter. When you meet the immigration officer, have your passport open to the photo page with your Disembarkation Form filled out and your boarding pass. He will stamp your passport and place a small tab from your form into your passport. Use a paperclip to secure that piece of the form. You do not want to lose it and you will need it in your passport when you want to exit Singapore.

Baggage claim: The baggage conveyor belts are located near the immigration there and you can use a cart if necessary. Once you have your luggage, proceed to the exit door. You will need to pass through customs and if you have nothing to declare go through the green “Nothing to Declare” lane. Occasionally a customs officer will randomly pick passengers for baggage x-ray screenings. If you are chosen, place your luggage onto the x-ray conveyor belt and collect when the screening is complete. You are now ready to exit the glass doors into the arrival hall of the airport.

Inside the arrival hall you are now in Singapore. If you need cash in Singapore dollars, there are money changers that will take US dollars and give you Singapore dollars in return. There are also ATM machines in the hall. You will find signs showing where the ATM machines are located.

Taxi: Once you have your cash you will need to find the Taxi stand. There is a sign showing where to exit the building to get to a taxi. When you exit the airport through the taxi stand maze, you will see several taxis waiting. A taxi attendant will show you which taxi to take or if there is no attendant go to the taxi who is ready to drive you.

Place your luggage in the taxi and tell the driver the address of the hotel you are staying at. It is a 30 minute drive to get into the city from the airport. The taxi’s normally take credit cards but sometimes their credit card machine is broken and they request cash. You can ask the driver before you enter the taxi if he takes credit cards if you are low on cash or don’t have Singapore dollars yet.

Arrival at hotel: Be careful and don’t leave anything in the taxi when you get to the hotel. Go to the check-in desk and give them your passport and credit card. Enjoy a nice shower and don't go to bed right away. You need to fight off the jet lag so clean up and take a stroll around Singapore. Don't let the jet lag linger by sleeping during the day and up all night.

Enjoy your stay in lovely Singapore.

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