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Great Florida Vacation Spots: Panama City/Pensacola

Updated on April 8, 2013

Florida Vacation Spots: Panama City/Pensacola

There are many locations in the world that offer great vacations. Few areas, though, offer up as many opportunities for enjoyment and adventure as does the panhandle of Florida. Two great cities in this region – Panama City and Pensacola – provide vacationers of all ages and walks of life with plenty of ways to enjoy themselves, whether it is on or off the water. To really see all that Florida has to offer you, a trip to these two destinations is a must. This article will discuss a few of the many wonderful activities and attractions that await you in Panama City and Pensacola, Florida.

Florida Vacation Spots: The Beach

Some of the best beaches in the country are located in Panama City and Pensacola. Every year for Spring Break, thousands of high school and college students descend on these two cities and the beaches in between for a fun and exciting time on the Gulf of Mexico. If you want beaches that are clean and safe as well as incredibly attractive, then the Panhandle is for you. In either Panama City or Pensacola, you can learn to windsurf, rent a wave runner, take an ocean cruise, go deep-sea fishing, snorkel off of paddleboats, and even ride horses along the water. The beaches of Pensacola and Panama City offer a lot of options for fun in the sun for you.

Florida Vacation Spots: St. Andrews State Park

This gem of a locale in Panama City promises you a nice and relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Located on the Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews State Park offers beaches for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, surfing, and other popular beach activities. It is also a fantastic location for camping and hiking, right there near the water. You can also spot some wildlife in their natural habitat as you explore the park. Many people also utilize the large pavilion in the park for birthday celebrations and weddings. One of the best sights you will ever see while at St. Andrews is a glorious sunset, so take a towel down to the beach, sit back, and enjoy.

Florida Vacation Spots: National Naval Aviation Museum

For those of you out there who love history and cannot get enough of airplanes, the National Naval Aviation Museum is for you. Located in Pensacola, at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, the museum has an impressive array of over 4,000 exhibits dedicated to the history of naval aviation. You can also learn more about the history of flight with an exciting IMAX movie, and can even take part in a virtual flight yourself in their incredible flight simulator. The Navy’s aerial demonstration team, the Blue Angels, perform frequently in air shows at Pensacola NAS and elsewhere and will amaze you with their jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics. There is also a 19th-century military installation, Fort Barrancas, on station for you to explore. No trip to Pensacola is complete without stopping by the naval air station and the aviation museum.


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    • JulieCarlson profile image

      JulieCarlson 6 years ago from Chicagoland

      My brother was stationed there for about a year while in the Navy. He loved Pensacola.

    • profile image

      C.J. Wright 8 years ago

      The redneck riveria! Love that place. Just don't go around spring break if your over 25!